The Scandal

What really amuses me about this whole voice recording scandal is that it is teeming with booboos from the very start. Press Sec. Ignacio Bunye denying everything before it even came out in the public. Akin to saying “Whatever you hear about the president doing anything bad is not true.” In this case, instead of damage control, the public became more curious about these recordings and spewed text messages and more damaging rumors. Haven’t these people heard of the second envelope? Now that’s what you call bad PR.

Opposition spokesperson Chiz Escudero yesterday said he wanted to know who Gary was. Was it Gary Lising?, he teased.

A while ago I received this text message from someone who’s been barraging me with sms about these cds.

“Kasuhan ni Gonzales ang GMA-7/Inquirer for having published and available for DOWNLOAD those taped conversations in the net. Wat about the muslims in Quiapo?”

I had to read it twice to get that it was in jest.

You see, wherever life takes us, pinoys can still find time to laugh about these stuff. Even in matters that can impeach the president.

3 Replies to “The Scandal”

  1. haha. oo nga mhay, agree ako, puro booboos na from the start yang iskandal na iyan. hay naku, ang gulo ng mga pulitiko natin!

  2. Pulitika na dapat magpapaangat sa bansa natin ang siyang walang habas na panabubulusok tayo pababa. Puro kasi TRAPO nakaupo. Kelan pa dadating ang pag-asa? Malayo pa sa hinagap…

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