Wage Woes

Amid all these hoopla, the Gloriagate scandal, jueteng inquiries and Hello Garci ring tones, a colleague pointed out that the media seemed to have forgotten all about the implementation of the previously announced wage hike starting June 15. The P11 to P25 increase in daily pay seemed to have passed us by unnoticed, perhaps hinting on its inadequacy.

Progressive labor forces have been calling for a P125 across the board wage increase as far as I could remember. I recall staring at stickers bearing the P125 call while inside buses and jeepneys way back during my college days.

Bulatlat reports how the wage hike legislation has been lagging on for six years now. The reason of which is because the President has not cited it as urgent. It was even bypassed by the e-vat law. Talk about autonomy in our legislative branch.

Anyhow, I just wanted to talk about wages because I’ve been caught offguard when a reporter told me he was looking for a $15 an hour work in the States. He said he was willing to work even as a dish washer in a hotel if he could earn a hundred thousand pesos for doing so. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t joking.

By Oriah Satria

There is nothing spurious about myself. I just try to write what's in my head. I do not apologize for being rash or frank or downright devious. There is simply too much chaos in this world to remain hushed.

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Based on what I heard, the minimum wage raised to PHP 350 per day. I’m not 100% sure about this so don’t take it seriously.

I just hope that this topic will end before this month. The month of July awaits the approved new VAT law… from 10% to 12%… it doesn’t make any sense anymore.

Let’s just pray for our government officials and fellow Filipinos to help each other in order for this rotten country to grow.

I have not forgotten that wage hike. I remember that everyday and I am still sore about its approval since it is barely enough. I get more depressed when I see the posters of 125 and in my mind I delete the 1.

Supposedly it should have been effective on June 15 but it was moved to 16 so that means the wage will increase on the 30th.

Funny my cousin brought me my favorite perfume from the USA that costs $6 but here it costs around $11(PHP599) and that $6 is the minumum wage for an hour there…while I have to work for more than two days(because of the tax and other deductions) to buy that.

wage hike? for me it’s a BIG joke. San pupunta ung idagdag nila, sa tax lang kulang pa. Why have a wage increase kung may added tax? Just like what i’ve said on my other comments, Filipino people are not idiots…

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