AMRSP Joins Resign Calls

The Catholic Bishops still haven’t come out with a statement on the current political crisis but the Association of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines has already called on President Arroyo to resign. The AMRSP is composed of 195 Catholic congregations for religious women and 93 for men. (INQ7). During the Estrada Juetengate scandal, the group also called on Erap to step down.

Meanwhile, Rose posted Gloria-Resign buttons for bloggers and webmasters at her site. “Ito po ay petiton para sa huwad na si arroyo na magresign na! at tayo ay magkaisang isigaw sa kanya na wala na syang karapatang maging pangulo,” she wrote. On the left is one of the buttons she posted.

3 replies on “AMRSP Joins Resign Calls”

I support and join the AMRSP’s call for resignation of all government officials implicated to the ZTE-NBN scandal and the alleged abduction of Mr. Jun Lozada headed by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

This is to support the call of AMRSP for the resignation of Gloria Arroyo. The call for her resignation should have started during the exposure of the “Hello Garci” tape. Her inaction for transparency from the Hello Garci Tape, to the Ferilizer Scam and the recent NBN-ZTE are enough reasons that she should be impeached. However, I am dismayed by the political maneuverings in the legislature. Therefore, we should take action. I am likewise dismayed with the statement of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. Arroyo’s actions is a major slap to the moral integrity of Catholics. She doesn’t have the moral ascendancy to lead the country and we the CBCP have a lame statement to her actions. It is time to call the attention of the CBCP to lead us to moral recovery for the sake of our country and its future generations.

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