Another Journalist Attacked in General Santos City

National Union of Journalists of the Philippines
Press Statement
October 4, 2005

There seems to be no end to threats to press freedom in the Philipines after another journalist was attacked Tuesday morning outside his office in General Santos City.

Danilo Aguirre, a correspondent for the Mindanao Bulletin, is fighting for his life as of this writing at General Santos Doctors’ Hospital after he suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach.

Whatever the motive of the attack, the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) strongly condemns the shooting as we continue to condemn and call the attention of the government to the series of
threats and killings of journalists in the country.

The brazen attack on Aguirre is an attack on media. It is a reflection of the government’s failure to ensure security not only for journalists but for all Filipinos, especially those in the provinces who complain of human rights violations as our leaders busy themselves with politics in the capital.

The NUJP calls on the authorities to immediately investigate the attack on Aguirre and arrest the culprits. We reiterate our call for the government to immediately resolve the cases of killings of journalists.

Jose Torres Jr.
Commission for the Protection of Journalists
National Union of Journalists of the Philippines

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