Arroyo’s Spicy Apologists

It’s sickening to watch Arroyo’s apologists defending Gloria on television. They sound like Iglesia ni Cristo and dating Daan ministers hurling insults against their opponents.

It’s also ironic that among the President’s staunch defenders are Mike Defensor and Migs Zubiri–two members of the group of younc congressmen once known as Spice Boys–who figured prominently in the resign-impeach-oust Estrada movement. How could this people forget that they once joined street protests in pursuit of “truth and justice.”

Now that the Arroyo administration faces the same predicament that requires the people to seek truth and justice, they call on people to “uphold the constitution,” the very same words repeated endlessly by Estrada defenders back then. As if the people’s Constitutional right to express grievances–which includes asking the President to resign–is unconstitutional.

It seems that to Defensor and Zubiri, the meaning of “truth and justice” have also changed.

4 Replies to “Arroyo’s Spicy Apologists”

  1. akk! and to think, na alam na naman nila na nandaya nga si arroyo, pero defend parin sila! yan ang tapat! haha!

    naglalayasan na ang mga gabinete nya eh!

    wawa na si arroyo! wala ng kakampi!

  2. ^ bwhihihi!! nang gigigil kba?? inis na inis?? hihihih!!! 🙂

  3. bukod sa kanila, nakakadisappoint din si Nani Braganza, Ace Barbers at Sandoval. spicy boys na sila or pwede rin mga deodorant boys ni GMA.

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