Artemio Panganiban–The New Chief Justice

Gloria Arroyo yesterday administered the oath of office of Artemio Panganiban, the new Supreme Court chief justice. The OPS photo above also shows Panganiban’s wife Elenita. Arroyo appointed Panganiban as Chief Justice Hilario Davide’s replacement last Tuesday evening.

Described by his colleagues as a prolific write, it was Panganiban who arranged Arroyo’s oath as president during the EDSA revolt in 2001. According to a newspaper report, he has the support of the Iglesia ni Cristo, Protestant and El Shaddai groups, as well as the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines and the business sector.

Arroyo broke a tradition when he appointed Panganiban instead of Reynato Puno, the number 2 man in the Supreme Court.

But given Arroyo’s background and current situation, such an appointment is isn’t surprising. At least, we will not have a Chief Justice Miriam–at least for now.

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