A Note for the 4th Most Powerful Woman of Forbes

Dear Mrs. Arroyo,

All of a sudden we see you once more, basking in your glory on national television. You’re even teaching us now to dance, feigning innocence from putting aside the real issues storming your administration.

But where were you Madam President when the peso plunged to its lowest low? Hiding behind your sentinels perhaps or thinking of a way out of this mess you created yourself. Don’t think for a second that we will forget or that you could squirm your way out of the crimes you committed against us.

“Ang galing-galing mo talaga Gloria,” a colleague quips.

Truly, I gotta hand it to you for still being there, wobbling in your pathetic throne.

The Untouchables

I’ve been receiving several interesting reactions from friends regarding President Arroyo’s infamous display of contriteness. Most were over the top amusing.

One of our editors said that she’s going to violate a law and say sorry, just to see if she could get away with it.

The Comelec en banc convened yesterday to announce an investigation on the Comelec officers implicated in the wiretapped conversations. Most of them were from Mindanao and they were prohibited from partaking in the coming ARMM elections. They are now deciding on the administrative and criminal charges to be filed against these people. Meanwhile, the president remains impervious to resignation and ouster calls.

In these times, only the president is above the law.

Wage Woes

Amid all these hoopla, the Gloriagate scandal, jueteng inquiries and Hello Garci ring tones, a colleague pointed out that the media seemed to have forgotten all about the implementation of the previously announced wage hike starting June 15. The P11 to P25 increase in daily pay seemed to have passed us by unnoticed, perhaps hinting on its inadequacy.

Progressive labor forces have been calling for a P125 across the board wage increase as far as I could remember. I recall staring at stickers bearing the P125 call while inside buses and jeepneys way back during my college days. Continue reading “Wage Woes”

The Scandal

What really amuses me about this whole voice recording scandal is that it is teeming with booboos from the very start. Press Sec. Ignacio Bunye denying everything before it even came out in the public. Akin to saying “Whatever you hear about the president doing anything bad is not true.” In this case, instead of damage control, the public became more curious about these recordings and spewed text messages and more damaging rumors. Haven’t these people heard of the second envelope? Now that’s what you call bad PR.

Opposition spokesperson Chiz Escudero yesterday said he wanted to know who Gary was. Was it Gary Lising?, he teased. Continue reading “The Scandal”


There are places and spaces that you never really leave behind. For me, and for a lot out there I’m sure, it’s the University of the Philippines. Despite the reported crimes, the unbelievable competition in the academe, nothing can stop me from going back to this place I once called home.

Commencement speech given by Ryan Cayabyab
(Mr C of the entertainment world) in UP Diliman on
April 25, 2005 for Class 2005

‘Pitong bagay sa buhay na natutunan ko sa U.P’

Maraming salamat po, magandang hapon po sa inyong
lahat. UP President Emerlinda Roman, former
presidents Jose Abueva and Noel Soriano, UP Diliman
Chancellor Dr. Sergio Cao, the Board of Regents,
U.P.faculty and administrative staff, co-professors
from the College of Music, classmates from UP High
1970, fellow alumni, graduates, and friends: Continue reading “Nostalgia”