Batasan Bombing

Weird thought on the explosion at the House of Representatives tonight: is this meant to divert the people’s attention from the administration congressmen’s bastardization of the impeachment process?

Could it be that the powerful will use this as an excuse to repress the people some more? quoted Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros as saying: “We cannot help but fear that this would lead to the declaration of Martial Law or a state of emergency to give way to repressive acts. We caution the government against using the bombing to institute repressive measures.”

Or is blaming You-Know-Who getting for every tragedy in the country just becoming a bad habit?

It could also be a protest, ala-Light A Fire Movement, against the kakapalan of the bribees in Batasan.

De Venecia reportedly described the bombing as “a terror attack on the House.”

Hopefully, our questions will be answered in the coming days. Meanwhile, here are other entries from the Philippine blogosphere:

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