CBCP Does Not Demand GMA Resignation

Arroyo must be jumping with joy now. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines stated it does not demand Arroyo’s resignation and wants the constitutional process to prevail.

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eh tama naman talaga yun eh.. hindi ka naman “satire” masyado..
to tell here na GMA will jump with joy now??!..

NOTE: tsk! yung nag popost ng ganitong klasng article.. halata na rin panig mo..

Peace to all.

the voice of the people is the voice of God. i wonder how the bishops interpret this verse…how many people will speak? how many people will go on the street to shout their protest? how many people will resign? do bishops have turned to be politician-like nowadays? they said they talked on this desicion before it was read on philippine t.v. but the message i’m sure is not favorable and acceptable to many. we need immediate reform and the longer mrs. arroyo stays in office the more protest there will be. cory, the ex-cabinets, the former political allies, the oppositions, mrs. poe, the other religious groups, the powerful business sectors, the teachers, the students and many many common tao in which i belong are absolutely RIGHT to ask for mrs. arroyo to step down with honor rather than by people’s force. now, more trouble is very eminent to happen for gloria will stay like kapit-tuko because of CBCP inspirational statement…ALLELUAH….Lord help us??? GOD SAVE THE PHILIPPINES!!!

@ st bernard
oo nga tama ka jan voice of people is voice of God. for sure massive people dapat ang tanong, ilang people ba kau? buong pilipinas na NGA ba yan? 🙂 dko kase makita yung kasing lakas ng ugong at kasing dami na nakita kong people sa edsa dos.. 🙂


edsa1(i went to edsa) , edsa 2(particularly) ang COMMON BATTLEGROUND sa EDSA lang….the most remarkable between the 2 is EDSA1! are you part of the 2 revolts? perhaps ur just contented watching it in t.v. set what was happening at that time? hmm…maybe you are or any of your family are benifiting from gloria’s administration…the numerous number of people from all walks of life isn’t enough for her to give attention to their grievances becoz IT FEELS GOOD TO BE IN POWER! kung ang pag-umit sa sa kalayaan ng tao na pumili ng mamumuno ay nagawa nya…BOSES NG TAO ANG PAGBOTO diba? maaantig pa kaya siya sa mga protesta at mga nagaayuno para sa kanyang paglisan? palagay ko hindi dahil di na siya maka Diyos sa pag uugali niya…maaari din na nasa paligid niya ang mga demonyo na patuloy na naguudyok na manatili at ipagpatuloy ang pagpapahirap sa bayan… have a nice day i_luv_greenday

^@ st. bernard

heheheh.. yeah u r ryt, mas may historical value yung 1 kesa sa 2..
does it make any sense of what u r stating na mas MARAMI KAYOng
MGA tao na gustong tadyakan si GMA sa pgkakaluklok?
and u have that kind of “SUSPETSA” na benefited ako ng admin..
can you PROVE??

constitutional process na nga panig CBCP eh which is TAMA.
it means they want to leave it to the law kung ano man ang hatol
at di na makikisawsaw sa ingay nyo..

I would laugh satirically kung may “SUSPETSA” ka rin na
hawak o kontrolado ni GMA ang CBCP ..

ur post is “VAGUE” to my questioning.
anyway, if it that’s how u observe.. so be it.
respeto ko nlang sau kung ano paniniwala mo.

seize ur day st. bernard.
God blesss to all of us.


a silly question deserves a silly answer!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha….ang pikon laging talo!!! ha ha ha ha ha

^ a silly respond, “affects” by a silly saint. hihihih:) *grinns*

What the CBCP had done brought a lot of sobriety in this chaotic political state. It is not always true that the voice of people is the voice of god. Bishop Cruz had mentioned in his interview that they had come up with an unpopular statement. He added that Jesus during his times had unpopular views and it cost him his life.
God may bless this country.

feebleminded people with unfounded reasoning…ha ha ha ha…good day folks!

Mag-away raw ba rtio. Cool lang kayo. Hehe.

ka julian i won’t make any comment anymore…nakalimutan ko na saint nga pala ako (lol)…masama kci pilantik ng dila ng ibang tao jan!!! PEACE TO ALL!!! (once the bogus president is ousted)

if it thats wut makes langsom feel “alive”:-) hihihi!*grinns* give some damn chance. meget ynkelig;-)

Are we going to tolerate a degradation in the morality and integrity in our society? youth have accepted cheating and jueteng payolas as a norm. gloria should resign as she betrayed the people! what do you think the people would have done if Erap was still president and said, sorry Lapse in judement!!!! Accountability is something that should be demanded! she already admitted breaking the rules for talking to the comelec commissioner, what is there to question? Her family left for fear of being charged for jueteng. Erap and GMA should share the same jail cell after all, they have so much in common. btw, PhD’s dont hold water in jail, a breach of the law was committed! what is there to argue about? this is a wake up call for the country regardless of social status! Maybe now the filipinos will find a solution!

If this continues and since the CBCP had put it that way… Cheating WILL be emminent and I won’t be surprised if one day all our leaders will cheat to win… As a motto of a wrestler… “CHEAT, LIE, STEAL!!!”… I’m afraid it will become common… *SIGH! SIGH!*

Lapse in judgement is equivalent to ingorance of law… And it is said that ‘IGNORANCE OF LAW EXCUSES NO ONE” so as “LAPSE IN JUDGEMENT AGAINST THE LAW EXCUSES NOBODY” Nuff said…

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