Coming Soon: Hello Garci Computer Game

Youth Demanding Arroyo’s Removal and TXTPower promise to bring a new feature to the anti-Gloria campaign with a Hello Garci computer game.

“Before we had the Hello Garci ringtones. Now, software engineers and college students are finalizing the Hello Garci computer games which will be the next craze among the youth. Our protests are becoming more sophisticated,” Youth-Dare spokesperson Mong Palatino said.

INQ7 reports on the details of the game:

In this yet-to-be released Internet game, the player’s goal is to collect one million points (“representing one million votes”) by shooting at the presidential seal.

To get points, players must hit the bull’s eye using the computer mouse as trigger.

They will try to get more points than a default game character named “Ma’am.”

But there’s a catch: every time Ma’am starts losing, she will call another character named “Garci.”

Instantly, she will win one million points (or votes)

I can’t play Counterstrike, Diablo, or any other games like this. Daytona car racing is enjoyable enough for me. But this Hello Garci game would surely get me hooked to my PC. 🙂

2 Replies to “Coming Soon: Hello Garci Computer Game”

  1. it would be very, VERY nice to have the kids know about the ‘government fads’ and other political silliness. besides, everyone is looking for quality and educational programs and games recently. now if only it would overpower the scary popularity of that Pinoy BigBrother show…

    if i were to describe that upcoming game, it’s astig.
    mainstream still sucks… just like some of them ‘leaders’.

    – seraphinne_rasputina

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