Devanadera on SC’s Batasan 5 Decision

Radio DZBB and reported that the administration will appeal the Supreme Court’s decision that dismissed the rebellion case against the Reps. Satur Ocampo, Teddy Casiño, Joel Virador, Liza Maza, and Crispin Beltran–the activist lawmakers collectively known as the Batasan 6.

The reports quoted Solicitor General Agnes Devanadera –a former Government Corporate Counsel–as saying that the “the government decided to file an appeal to the High Court to bring back the stability of the justice system.”

Devanadera has a point there. The SC sided nga naman with the “destabilizers.” Hehe.

Devanadera also said, according to the reports, that the justice department was “dismayed and saddened” with the decision. Her reason: it would have a negative impact on the country’s judicial system. Isn’t Raul Gonzalez’s continued stay at the DOJ already doing the same?

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