Dream headline: God Sues GMA for Libel

(A Press Release from the Concerned Artists of the Philippines)

GMA’s pronouncement that she is God’s plan for the country is an affront to God’s being. He or She should sue for libel.

As many would already know, this technique is not new as it was used by our Spanish colonizers. They grabbed the natives’ lands, made them their slaves, captured, torture and/or killed those who resisted, and claimed that all that was happening was the will of God. They tried to console the turmoil in the grieving souls of our forebears by preaching that there will anyway be a final judgment day –only, it is in the afterlife.

History tells us that not everyone bit that propaganda. The Katipuneros and their supporters knew that a large part of salvation had to come from actions by the people themselves. They resisted and trounced the God-quoting Spanish colonizers. But, only to be betrayed by the Americans, whose cause for aggression was, as claimed by then U.S. Pres. Mckinley, a signal from God (through his dream).

Current American President Bush Jr. boast of even closer ties with God as he claimed that God spoke with him (regarding his regime’s actions against Iraq and their other aggressive exploits).

GMA’s gimmick of name dropping God is insulting the intelligence of the people. When the opposition demands to get to the bottom of the truth regarding her liabilities for election fraud, the multi-million dollar North Railway, Venable contracts, the fertilizer fund scam and other questionable deals, she blocks the process by repressing the freedom of _expression through orders and proclamations, like the calibrated preemptive strike policy, E.O. 464, and PP1017. It is not hard to see that her moves are to marginalize the opposition so that she and her minions
can realize their selfish, self-serving agenda.

The only Catholic nation in Asia, a God-fearing people must be outraged. Tolerating GMA’s claim that she and her doings are God’s will is a score for atheism.###

Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP)

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