Election Season

Our apologies for the long silence.

It’s election season once again. It’s good that the so-called Genuine Opposition finally dropped Kiko Pangilinan from its slate. Why force Kiko to join their group when he appears reluctant to be identified with them?

Let him run as independent, and his real stance will be noted. 😉

2 Replies to “Election Season”

  1. I think Kiko does not need the opposition for his campaign anyway, or even any political party for that matter. She has Sharon Cuneta. Even if he does not campaign as long as Sharon Cuneta does ads implying indirectly the person of her husband, the people will surely remember him. Kiko is just one example of a wise politician who uses his brain and not simply go to the other fence because he does not agree with the administration. If he has different views as the admin but he does not believe in what the opposition advocates, it is better that he runs by himself.

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