Ferdinand Marcos’ Legacy

Ferdinand Marcos

Some Facebook users are circulating a photo of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos with a caption that enumerates why life was supposedly better during his regime and lists the projects he accomplished.

To make that post balanced and accurate, they should have added the following to the list:

  • Plundered an estimated US$5 billion to $US10 billion, according to the Philippine Commission on Good Government
  • Amassed the largest foreign debt at more than US$25 billion during his 20-year rule
  • 3,257 killed, 35,000 tortured, and 70,000 incarcerated during his regime, according to Alfred W. McCoy of theUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Found guilty by the Federal Court of Hawaii of violating the human rights of almost 10,000 Filipinos
  • 878 desaparecidos or victims of forced disappearance were recorded during his regime, according to the Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearance
  • Declared Marial Law that took away the people’s freedoms

Below is the caption for the photo that’s going around:

Ferdinand E. Marcos
10th President of the Philippines

During His time as President, the Philippines is;
-Richest country in Asia
-First to have Airport in Asia
-First to have Train in Asia
-No.1 exporter of Rice and Sugar in the world
-Drugs are not rampant and drinking alcohol on the side of the roads is prohibited
-No Foreigners to Buy Real Estate in Philippines
-The exchange of USD 1.00 = PHP 1.50
-The only president that does not make use of a cheat sheet When giving a speech here and abroad

Projects accomplished and not just promised of:
-Manila International Airport
-LRT-1 (1st in Southeast Asia)
-Heart Center of the Philippines
-Kidney Center
-Nayong Filipino
-Bataan Nuclear Power Plant
-Coconut Palace
-Philippines Lung Center
-Film Center
-Golden Mosque for Muslims
-Folks Arts Teatre
– SLEX and NLEX (1st in Southeast Asia)
– San Juanico Bridge

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