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Here is a collection of excerpts from a number of Filipino bloggers’ entries about Fernando Poe, Jr. and his death. These entries were chosen from visited blogs and from Technorati search results:

The Sassy Lawyer, Queen of Philippine Blog Scene:

I extend my sympathies to those he left behind.

I guess that means we’re stuck with Gloria Arroyo.

Erin, Philippine-born Chinese from the University of Asia and the Pacific:

I am SICK and tired of how good FPJ was and how he should be someone everyone should look up to and how much good he gave to Philippine society, because FPJ was good only when he was sober (which isn’t very often), the only good he gave to Philippine society was increasing revenues of the beer industry, and the only reason why I look up to him is because I’m shorter than he is.

Archbishop Oscar Cruz, Roman Catholic bishop and anti-jueteng advocate:

Among all the presidential candidates in the last national elections, it was only Fernando Po, Jr., who signed a covenant with the Krusadang Bayang Laban sa Jueteng. It was only him who committed his governance to free the country of jueteng when elected to the Office of the President.

He took the risk of getting the ire of the gambling lords. He decided not to accept jueteng payola for election purposes. He was a moral giant not only in the movie world but also before the appreciation of the Krusada.

Psychicpants, UP professor and magazine editor:

Da King is dead. Long live Da King!

Rogue, La Salle-Benilde student:

malas nga etong araw na eto e.. first, we left home at almost 6:45.. then i haven’t reviewed for introds coz i left my damn binder in jen’s locker! duhh! so stupid! and traffic pa sa benilde.. dedo na pala si fpj.. surprising it is.. kakabigla talaga.. wahaha… uhh..

The Daily Prophet:

In my eyes, he is the real hero of many of our countrymen who longed for the one savior that would come and lead this nation out of its quagmires despite that fate was not in his favor when he tried his one and sole attempt at politics. He had fought his own battle, where in some battles that he had waged he may have retreated, but I am sure he had never surrendered even once.

This day is a time of bereavement for the entire nation for a son has passed away. My condolences to the family and friends of the “Panday”.


i remember fpj because he is a part of me. he molded my cosciousness. his films depicted the ugly social condition of our society. i remember fpj dearly because he made me remember my dad. fpj was not just the king of the philippine movies. he represented a promise. justice. life. love. sacrifice. heart. he was a promise that we should not allow to die. fpj was a cultural icon, but more than that fpj was a good and honest man. an honest man deserves all our tears and prayers.

Nate, Atenean :

Humble man. Legendary hero. But certainly not presidential timber. Nevertheless, God bless your soul, Mr. Fernando Poe, Jr.

Da King has fallen. Long live Da King.

Dr. Emer:

Let’s pray for his soul and for his family. May he rest in peace.

Resty O:

If I need to make a comment, I’d like to say there was no doubt FPJ was a good man; I just didn’t want him to be my President. My sincere condolences to an entire nation who’s now left with only fond and cherished memories of the man (albeit limited) and the movie star.


Oh. He’s dead. Mmmm. Okay. But did anybody really know the Man beyond the Myth? I never did. Not even when he ran to be my President, and got shortchanged by a tiny woman who looks like my neighbor’s tsimay. Nobody ever did know him. All we really remember is Ang Panday and a lot of San Miguel Beer bottles. And now, he’s dead.


nakakalungkot ispin na marami ka pang magagawa
marami ka pang matutulungan

Da King
mahal ka ng masa
mahal ng mga artista
haligi ng pinilakang tabing

hinding hindi ka namin malilimutan

kahit di kita binoto nung eleksyon
ay mananatili ka pa ring isang presidente sa akin
presidente ng mga mahihirap nating kababayan


On an early morning show the host says that, when FPJ shoots a film on a place/location, he always leave a remebrance, like for example a bridge which he help make. As for me, he is really a King. So im praying for his happiness in the hands of the almighty lord.


FPJ is not a government servant — and I did not want him to be– but he reamains the actor that shaped the movie industry, an actor who graced the local silverscreen, someone well-loved by everybody (save to being a president). Why all the waste of time in having flags at half mast? Surely, any person’s death should no longer be tied onto politics. Anyone who dies, even if it is not FPJ, needs the respect that they deserve.


DA KING is dead and as I pray for the eternal repose
of his soul I cannot help but think about how our
country narrowly averted a catastrophe. I think FPJ
may have been a good man but being good does not a
good leader make. His untimely and sudden death merely
reaffirmed my belief that he was not ready to lead
this country in more ways than one.


i felt sad about FPJ’s death….i’m not a die hard fan of FPJ. but as a kid I used to watch because he is my papa’s favorite.


Bad grass never dies: FPJ must really be a good guy inside because he perished fast and peaceful unlike some former politicians, Erap, who was suppose to die already but just never seems to die. Maybe God wants him to sacrifice first for the things he had done.


I cannot believe how weird pinoys are over FPJ’s death.

Vintage Star:

Then in the afternoon I found out that FPJ, a Filipino-movie star who ran for Philippine presidency but lost, passed away. This news saddened me not so much because I knew him or admired him, but because I can’t help but feel that if he hadn’t been pressured to run for office and got all stressed and worked over, he would still be alive and well today.


Actually nung una kong marinig yung balita na na-hospital siya ang sabi ko, “Buti nga”. Waaah, ang sama-sama ko. I don’t know him pero maraming nagsasabi na mabait daw siya at matulungin. Ang ayaw ko lang naman sa kanya ay nagpapagamit siya sa mga pulitiko na kaibigan niya. Tumakbo ba naman for presidency eh wala naman siyang alam sa politics at di rin siya nakatapos sa pag-aaral. Eh pano yun kung siya nanalo, mahaharap niya pa yung ibang foreign leaders. Kaya siguro siya na-stroke dahil na-stress dun sa nakaraang election.


“…was the death of fpj a pillar in the movie industry an idol to many of us filipinos
a grief -mourn, devastaion–prayers are offered and much respect given to fpj!”

Judy de Leon:

A hero has been defeated by an inevitable foe
though like a hero, you’re body will be gone
but your deeds will never vanished in their hearts & minds.


Today after exchanging several text messages (SMS) with my parents regarding news about their idol, I didn’t expect to be sad or affected by his demise. Oddly enough, I am. It’s hard to explain but I guess for me, his films symbolised a time gone by, a time when things were much simpler, when there were heroes willing to fight for what is right and just. I guess now I do see FPJ’s appeal to his legion of fans after all.

Len, an ABS-CBN correspondent:

fpj may have not had the suport of some people when he ran for president, and some may not really be big fans of his. but for his millions of followers, i say he played a major role in being their inspiration. the roles he played in movies, where he would start off as a poor man struggling and in the end gain victory, served its purpose of giving at least a ray of hope. not to be forgotten are stories of how he helped other people, like that of a basurero, whom he encountered on the road and gave P20,000.00 in cash right then and there.

Katie Torres:

I guess his untimely death only proves my point that he wasn’t destined to become a president. But a King of Philippine movies he will always be. Unlike Erap who disrobed himself of any honor, because of his hedonism, FPJ will still die with honor. Maybe we had some differences, but ill give him that honor at least. Hail to the King of Philippine Movies!

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  1. Isa pang random thought:

    Heaven forbid, if it was GMA who had a stroke and died, do you think there will be an equal amount of grief and sympathy like the one we are witnessing right now?

    It makes you wonder, kasi if it was really GMA who won the elections, it means she got more votes. More votes meant more supporters, di ba? But something inside tells me that only a handful will really mourn GMA if she passed away today. Family members nya lang siguro.

    In the case of FPJ, I’m observing it differently. I’m not a supporter of his nor did I vote for him, but almost everyone I talk to from the street bystander to people with high positions has this certain sadness that no words can describe. Yung iba naglulupasay pa — most of them senior citizens.

    I think we really lost a great man in him. God bless his soul.

  2. thanks for visiting my blog & quoting me. dr emer, i think we see all this heartache & mourning because he was a movie star. you know how we pinoys love our moviestars. it’s just like when john ritter and chris reeve died, i bawled.

    we don’t know much of our politicians’ personal lives, and we cannot really relate to them. gma’s not charming, no matter how hard she tries to affiliate herself with nora aunor.

  3. Hmmm I watched FPJ films on TV when I was a child but I never was his fan. And I know who the real leaders are. It’s just not in his blood.

  4. I extend my sympathies to his family and friends. I pray that u may rest in peace bcoz you’re a gud person. At pls,wag na ninyo itong samantalahin n political interest at wag it2loy ang protest kay GMA. We just cooperate with the GMA Administration. Thank u

  5. Tawag nila sa iyo’y Da King
    Pero bakit ka nagpagamit sa mga balimbing
    Sina Tito Sotto at Edgardo Angara
    Isama mo pati si Joseph Estrada
    Tinitingala ka na sa iyong mga pelikula
    Di mo na kailangan pang tumakbo sa politika
    Kelan kaya magtatanda ang mga tulad nyang artista
    Na wala silang mapapala sa larangan ng politika
    Kelan kaya magiisip ang mga tulad kong mahihirap
    Boboto ng mga idolo na akala nila buhay ay sasarap
    Sa mga magbabasa nito di ako maka Arroyo
    Isa lang akong concerned na Pilipino dito sa Chicago.

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