Filipino Bloggers on Senator Roco

Edwin Lacierda wrote a tribute to the late senator who was his mentor in the law profession:

Raul S. Roco will be forever be remembered for his greatness in the halls of the House of Representatives and the Senate floor and for his incorruptible accomplishments in the Department of Education. But I will always cherish him as my first teacher in the law profession who took time to train the humble and the lowly, to emphasize that right is might, the primacy of country over one’s own, public service over private greed and faith in man’s goodness over pessimism and hopelessness.

Youth leader Mong Palatino on the the youngest president of the National Union of the Philippines: “Raul Roco may have lost two presidential elections but he will be remembered as the most admired Filipino politician among young Filipinos. ”

Jardine Davies wrote, “My president just died today and I have my flags at half-mast. I am certain the country mourns his passing and will remember his dreams for the Philippines for many years to come.”

“Farewell Sir, pray for our nation please,” wrote ABC-5 reporter Jove Francisco, who posted a link to Roco’s MTV so that people will be remember Roco for what he stood for.

This isn’t really about Sen. Roco, but Angela’s entry is worth posting here: “Hindi sa nagiging masama ako, pero yung mga pulitikong halang ang kaluluwa, kailan kaya mawawala? ”

Gari of Akbayan who considers himself “a closet member of Aksyon because”:

Surely, RSR will be missed by us, the youth who finds hope in him. His idealisms which moves us in a way that no one can buy our stands and positions nor turn against his principles. For some, it might look like a personality cult but beyond that perception is a true figure of exemplary leader who motivates the young to act and does not allow the youth to be wasted. He is the best choice.

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  2. Strike_Freedom: My brother are mourning in the death of the most greatest man ever to set foot in our goverment… sana lahat ng mga pulitiko nagaral under him para matino sila at hindi panay kurapan at bangayan… *SIGH!*

    Infinite_Justice: Sayang… kung siya ang naging presidente natin, maunlad sana tayo…

  3. we didn’t have the luxury to formally organize a formal tribute to Senator Roco it’s because his wake here in Quezon City was short, hindi man lang tayo nakapag bigay ng isang luksang parangal sa isang taong matino at may tunay na paninindigan. We should also thank Senator Roco’s mother for all the values, virtues, and priciples she had thought to her son. Now, a great leader is gone. He is now equated with the likes of recto, Tanada, and Diokno, all intellectual giants in their own time and epoch. Now, it is for us to continue the crusade for a good government, a moral leadership, a humane society. Just like what the good Senator has said before he died: LET US SPREAD THE SEEDS! Siguro it’s good if we have this sort of memorial rally for Senator Roco which will be attended by all those who’ve supported Senator Roco’s presidential bids in 1998 and 2004. Of Course the youth sector should be there. Let’s give this great man HIS GREAT SEND OFF!!! Calling all ROCO supporters??!!!

  4. His life is too short for more men to be inspire, yet I believe that he has done more than enough. His internment rights have been too soon, and given the weather in those days, one cannot help but stay indoors due to the storms. Yet I believed that the heavens cried with him.

  5. Saw this outside San Beda last night:
    San Beda joins the Filipino people in mourning for the great Bedan Raul S Roco

  6. As long as our people will keep ignoring great and brilliant filipinos like Raul Roco, no matter how many times we go to EDSA for a people power, we will always be aspiring in vain
    for our country to be great again.

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