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For movie afficionados like me, the annual Cinemanila film festival is a haven. This year, the annual festival will run from July 1-12 at the Greenbelt Cinemas in Makati.

One of the featured films this year is Ramona Diaz’s controversial documentary “Imelda,” which as the synopsis describes “dramatically highlights how Marcos transformed herself from a Third World beauty queen into an international political force.” I’ve seen a part of that documentary where the former first lady was being asked about her love for beauty. Hair on my arms stood when she said that if someone was to kill her, she’d opt for a bolo tied with a ribbon on it.

Another Filipino masterpiece worth seeing is Mario O’ Hara’s “Babae sa Breakwater,” a film about a small community of indigents living beside the breakwater of Manila Bay. This film failed to make noise when first shown publicly but has surprisingly earned critical success from Cannes.

Other Filipino films to banner the event are Jon Red’s “ASTIGmatism,” Jeffrey Jeturian’s “Bridal Shower,” Mark Meilly’s “Crying Ladies,” Lav Diaz’s “Ebolusyon ng Isang Pamilyang Pilipino,” Maryo J. de los Reyes’ “Magnifico,” and Clodualdo del Mundo’s “Maid in Singapore”

And of course there’s “Osama,” 2004 Golden Globes’ best foreign language film, UK’s “The Mother” from “Notting Hill” director Roger Michell and other intriguing foreign films.

For a complete list of these films, check out

See you at the cinemas!

By Oriah Satria

There is nothing spurious about myself. I just try to write what's in my head. I do not apologize for being rash or frank or downright devious. There is simply too much chaos in this world to remain hushed.


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