Fr. Bernas on RaulGon

When asked by the Sunday Inquirer Magazine about his being labeled as “guru of destabilization” by the injustice secretary, revered constitutionalist Fr. Joaquin Bernas just said it does not irritate him “because no intelligent person would take (Raul) Gonzalez seriously.

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  1. I congratulate the peaceful and rational anti-Arroyo groups for creating rational blogs that continue to stand for the democratic principles in our native land. I do read those nice blogs. But I’m quite surprised to the so-called ‘Luli Internet Brigade’ for verbally attacking the Black and White Movement as an eccentric group. The Brigade has also been vocal in attacking a certain Rummel Pinera for his advocacy called ‘political abrogationism’. They called him an ‘eccentric’ promoting his new cause all over the internet. I did research about political abrogationism in the net and this is what I’ve found out about the cause:

    Political abrogationism is a socio-political advocacy which originated from the Philippines. The cause advocates the abolition of all dictatorships, monarchial reigns and despotic regimes all over the world by using peaceful and legal methods. It also preaches that every country, every social organization and every culture in the world should embrace real democracy through peaceful and lawful means.
    The movement was originated by Rummel Pinera – a human rights advocate and a pro-democracy campaigner. He preaches that the use of peaceful and legal means is the “correct, good and proper methodology” of trying to attain the objectives and ideals of political abrogationism. Political abrogationism supports the creation of a democratic global system that will help implement environmental laws, check the abuses of extreme industrialism, balance international trading, safeguard international laws and guarantee the safeguarding of human rights in every part of this world. He started writing ‘letters-to-the-editors’ about political abrogationism from year 1993 up to year 2000. But the movement that was organized to attain the ideals of political abrogationism seems to have started only in year 2003. The “League of Political Abrogationers”, the main organization promoting political abrogationism, has been operating a web page for political abrogationism since year 2003. The League of Political Abrogationers is currently involved in a peaceful campaign to impeach Mrs. Glo Arroyo from the Philippine presidency.

    Rummel Pinera, born November 17, 1968, is probably the main exponent, pioneer and developer of political abrogationism.
    Pinera majored in marketing at the Mary of Perpetual Help University in Laguna, Philippines. He has long been a peaceful and legal campaigner for human-rights and democracy. During his college years, Pinera joined in the peaceful and legal struggle to expel the U.S. military bases from the Philippines. At age 17, he participated in the First People Power Revolution in the Philippines. Such a revolution was peaceful and lawful. He also participated in many peaceful and legal rallies in the Philippines that supported Gorbachev’s pro-democracy policies and called for the peaceful democratization of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Afghanistan during the late 1980s.
    During the 1990s Pinera has supported the peaceful, legal and global campaigns to democratize Burma, Cambodia, some parts of Latin America, some parts of Africa, and some parts of Eastern Europe. From 1993 through 1997 he wrote letters to the editors of Time, Newsweek and other international publications about the cause called political abrogationism. Also at that time, he propagated political abrogationism by writing letters to the editors, via both standard postal and e-mail methods, to various newspapers, political groups and political magazines all over the world.
    Rummel Pinera has participated in the two peaceful and lawful “people power revolutions” in the Philippines. He has developed a philosophy called harmonicalism and an economic program called publickerianism. He got married in April, 1998. His wife is Maribel Pinera. The couple has one daughter. Their daughter’s name is Beatrice Pinera.
    Rummel Pinera’s first book about political abrogationism was published in December, 2003. Rummel Pinera established the League of Political Abrogationers in the Philippines in May, 2003. He is the current chairman of such a group. He wrote several books about political abrogationism, publickerianism and harmonicalism from year 2003 up to year 2005. He claims that he has invented some new methods of playing golf and pool. He also claims that he has invented some new board games. Political abrogationism is the advocacy of peaceful and legal abolition of all dictatorships, monarchial reigns and despotic regimes all over the world. Political abrogationism also advocates the peaceful and legal democratization of every country, every social organization and every human culture in this world. Rummel Pinera is involved right now in a peaceful campaign to impeach Mrs. Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo from the Philippine presidency.

    Reference: “A View On The Current Peaceful And Legal Civil Disobedience Campaign Against The Arroyo Regime In The Philippines” by Boyy Piodos. Copyright year- 2006.

    I do find Mr. Rummel Pinera as a rational person. It seems that it is the Luli Internet Brigade which is acting irrationally against such person….. And that Luli Internet Brigade has been uttering “heinous words” against the liberal critics of the Arroyo regime in the Philippines.

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