It’s Noynoy!

The people have spoken, loudly and clearly. They have put their trust on Noynoy Aquino. Now, it’s our turn to say, ala-Bunye: Let’s move on. (Image from Noynoy Aquino’s Flickr)

NUJP launches Justice Fund for Ampatuan massacre victims

On the 40th day of the Ampatuan Massacre, a journalists’ organization announced the creation of a fund to help address the needs of the families of the victims. The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) said the finances to be raised by the Justice Fund will be used in projects such as: маси… Continue reading NUJP launches Justice Fund for Ampatuan massacre victims

Gloria’s Post-Garci Comelec Unseats Padaca

The Commission on Elections has reportedly declared former Gov. Benjamin Dy as winner of the 2007 gubernatorial race in Isabela and ordered Gov. Grace Padaca to immediately vacate the provincial capitol. Comelec announced the decision on the recount petition days after it unseated Bulacan Gov. Joselito Mendoza. Both Padaca and Mendoza are members of the… Continue reading Gloria’s Post-Garci Comelec Unseats Padaca

Help Typhoon Victims

We are reposting AGHAM’s urgent appeal for support for the victims of typhoon Pepeng in Cordillera and Central Luzon.

Salamat, President Cory!

Corazon C. Aquino (1933-1999) “She was the only true queen our people have ever had, and she was queen because we knew she truly held our hearts in the greatness and the gentleness of her own.” – Catalino Arevalo, SJ Photo from

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Bunye’s Unfinished Business

Ignacio Bunye ended his term as press secretary last June 16 with a rendition of his favorite song, “My Way.” But he left an unfinished business. In June 2005, Bunye “revealed” a supposed plot of the opposition to “destabilize” the Arroyo government. Here’s’s account: Preempting the political opposition, Bunye on June 6, 2005 played… Continue reading Bunye’s Unfinished Business

Back Online

Sorry for the lack of updates and for being offline the past days. We’re really swamped with work — office stuff and personal things to attend to. We also had to fix a malware issue that placed us on Google’s restricted sites. We were unable to write about a number of events including the death… Continue reading Back Online

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