Gloria Resign Calls Intensify

This morning, ten Cabinet members and other officials resigned and called on Mrs. Arroyo to step down. The chorus grew louder in the afternoon with similar statements from former President Aquino, the Liberal Party, and the Makati Business Club.

While her allies in Malacañang, Congress and local government units desperately defend the beleaguered president, followers of Fernando Poe Jr. and members of the militants groups gather at Ayala Avenue to continue calling for Arroyo’s resignation.

Meanwhile, Filipino netizens join the resign call through, an online petition initiated by Enteng Romano of eLagda. Romano led eLagda’s Erap Resign Internet campaign in 2001.

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gloria macapagal arroyo;
you always say, on your first power grab years, that you will crush the power grabbers. you know so well as you are an educated and intellingent woman, that you only not power grab, but you and your 3 muskeeters, with the conievance of D.O.J.(sen. drilon) you trumpled the sacrednes of the PHILIPPINES CONSTITUTION. and you continue to power grab by cheating the votes of the pilipino people, thru you HELLO GARCI only not cheat but rub the country of its taxes( the new NAIA, the MACAPAGAL HIGHWAY, then the jueteng issue. your husband and his brother, could be laundering some of your grab assets from the pilipino peoples treasury to HONGKONG and U.S. (little by little so as not to get noticed)as the pilipinos are now focused on the rallies and actions to aust you, your husband and your brother in law are just traveling and spending.
you have said that you are married to the country, meaning that you will not step down from your power grab possition, and keep on hallucinating and dreaming that you are the duly elected.
AS YOUR NAME IS G L O R I A , AND IF YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE MARRIED TO THE COUNTRY, BEING THE COUNTRYS WIFE, WHY NOT GIVE ‘GLORY” TO YOUR HUSBAND (the country) by stepping down. that is if you do love your country, whom you said you are married into.
who do you really love,GLORIA? the U.S. ? YOUR COUNTRY?
or your power grabbing SELF?
are you not ashame? your countrymen are in chaos to have you STEPDOWN , and yet you continue your oppression to your very country, denying and trying to be blind on what is really infront of you. you ont even consider your and your husbands many relatives, who together with the masses of pilipinos are sufferring from your good governance ad transparency???
it was ILL GOVERNANCE and all is hidden. but one by one this hidden, are coming out to put you in shame(if have that)

i think gloria should resign for the sake of the country..cause if she really loves the filipino people and has a conscience at all she should now step down imagine changing the constitution for the sake of her staying in office thinking of approving the charter change…is this how the way a president should act?
i think filipino people are intelligent enough to know what’s right.and now the congressmen form the administration are trying to change the constitution for the president and their own benefit. shame on them for not consulting with the people first and shame on them for hiding the truth about the electoral fraud that Gloria commited.
i just hope that some day people will rise up now stand and fix this sittuation and remove gloria after all a president should be a model to us all, mentally , morally and every right way a govenment official should act.

Gloria for the love of her country should resign.You have shamed out country for the last time.Our beloved country is the laughing stock of the world.thanks to her and the stupid trapos.
Form a transitional/caretaker government composed mainly of young bloods that has not been tainted with corruption.fresh and new ideas introduced and implemented.same laws but new government.good bye with the stupid trapos.

Kailangan mo ng mag-resign Gloria….Dito sa china nakakahiya talaga dahil all-over the news ang Pilipinas pero sa hindi magandang balita kundi nakakahiya…kahit mga taxi drivers na nasasakyan namin pinagtatawanan kami dahil ang Presidente ng Pilipinas ay Isang Mandaraya…Nakakahiya ka…Kung pababayan nating makatakas si Mrs arroyo sa krimeng pandaraya marami pang mga pulitiko ang gagaya..ipakita natin ang lakas ng mamamayan na patalsikin muli ang isang walang kuwentang lider upang hindi na tularan..maraming bese na natin itong nagawa…Ipakita nating tayong mamamayan ang nagluluklok sa lider ng bansa kaya din natin silang patalsikin sa puwesto

Very Stiff Uphill Transition

So many times in the past the Pilipino people were given chance to reorient themselves however all these chances were taken for granted. Lessons just went by with nothing retained, the country gained nothing in general except for the bulging bank account for the few. Lets go back in history and find out that all lessons are the same dejavu generation after generation, leader after leader, president after president. The same kurakot, the same graft, vote buying, cheating, military turned political goons, tax frauds, you can name it we have it. In all of these ills, some elected &/or appointed government officials, always, has something to do.

It does not mean however that we are hopeless. We are currently undergoing a very stiff uphill transition and slow transition era with the peak so high that seems unreachable. But the end of these difficulties is neigh, probably during this generation or maybe few more. Like any industrialized country we shall get our ultimate bloody, yes bloody lessons that will never be forgotten in history that will be respected and honored by the next generations. Millions may perish, left and right, even innocent but that will be for the sake of the future. Can we name an industrialized nation who did not experience a bloody internal conflict?

Let us hope this happens now, during this generation, for us to witness and participate in whatever way we can. Should Gloria not resign, the event will be a prelude that will lead the nation towards the apex of transition. Then the true lesson of “love of country and patriotism” shall be learned, then this land shall be great again.

GMA, para san po ang chacha?para mabaliwala ang attention ng tao sa pinglalaban nila?KUNG WALA KA TALAGANG KASALANAN BAKIT HINDI MO SILA PANSININ NG MATAPOS NA!!!WALA KA NAMANG TINATAGO DIBA!!!

If the allegations in the supposed tape conversation of PGMA and Commissioner Garcillano of the COMELEC about rigging the May 2004 Presidential elections is really true then there is no thousand good reasons enough to make PGMA stay as the president of the Philippines because she is not the rightful president in the first place and she have cheated the almost 85 million Filipinos. This is in fact high treason and should be punishable by death.

BAYONG…KA TALAGA GLORIA…Ipinagkanulo mo ang sambayanang Filipino para lang sayong kapakanan at interes. Ganyan din yung mga mga makapili noong panahon ng hapon. Pasalamat ka matanda na si ka Luis taruc…Di bale andyan naman si Ka Fidel Ramos galit na galit din yan sa mga makapili na tulad mo.

“ilang presidente pa ba ang kailangan pababain?, ilang gobyerno pa ba ang kailangan sirain?” bawat pag alsa may kaakibat na kahirapan. ngayon, tanong nyo sa sarili nyo kayo ba ang mga tao na mahihirapan tuwing may pag aalsa? o ang mga mas maliliit na di natin napapansin? eto ang mga tanong na sana iniisip nang bawat isa bago magpababa nang isang liderato. ang tanging solusyon ay pag kakaisa. wala sa kung sino nakaupo ang problema kundi nasa bawat mamamayan na nakapaligid.

you should resign not next year, not tomorrow, but today!!!!! you know, there are many people who are suffering under your control. Don’t just think about your self think about your people. many poor people are just eating two(2) times a day because of a very high tax that they are paying. remember the ZTE DEAL? whose the one to pay for it? of course us.. yhe filipino citizens. ssssoooo the best thing that you can help is to step down from your position. that’s all……

Why are there so many people who keep on blinding themselves of evil? Bakit mas gusto pa natin na kampihan ang mga taong gumagawa ng matinding kasamaan…Enough of long speeches, evil is evil and there is no debate to that. Ano ba ang ginagawa natin sa kasamaan hindi ba sinusupil? Ano ang dapat nating gawin sa isang gahaman, magnanakaw, mapang-abusong lider? Kampihan?


kala ciguro ng mga taga palasyo n tanga lahat ng pilipino…. right from the get go this administration have shown its greed… from the most expensive road, macapagal blvd, down to the most expensive lampost, asean summit, it has never stop robbing its own people…. it just amaze me on how some people react, CBCP in particular, they say that give her up to the end of her term? why do you want them to break MARCOS record in guiness…. they said we don’t have proof… we have just listen to the tape of GARCI and you’ll have all the evidence you needed…. sabi nila illigaly obtain daw yong tape… did GARCI and gma OWN UP TO THE VOICE OF THE TAPE… E mas madami p nga sleaze yong tape nilang dalawa compare to the paris hilton tape…. really shes one lucky SON OF A BITCH…. the economy will survive with or without GMA due to the millions of FILIPINO OFW WHICH SHE HAS DRIVEN OFF THIS COUNTRY… if not for them nasa kangkongan n tayo ngayon and its the GMA…. the country survive throughout the MARTIAL LAW DAYS… IT WILL SURVIVE WITHOUT THE squatter in MALACANANG…. WE SHOULD STAND UP AS A NATION OF GOD FEARING PEOPLE IN ORDER FOR US TO FIGHT THE PRESENT EVIL AMONGST US…..l

i think gloria SHOULD NOT resign. coz ou know why? who is even qualified to take her position? would you like it if someone famous will replace her, no way right? so we have no choice but her. Well, people label her as MANDARAYA or KURAKOT, but almost every President was accussed of being corrupt. we have to wait for 2010 and let her finish her term.

our country don’t need and want an evil president. among the comments that i red, nothing was wrong. it was all truths. so, i have nothing to say anymore. but i just want to tell my side. president arroyo, i think you should resign. you’re not and was never a good leader to our country. many and even more were experiencing poverty because of your evil doings. don’t you realized all these things? you may have big brain, but it does not matter. the question is, do know what wisdom is? do you know the 10 commandments?…pls change for the betterment of the country. our country would only be peaceful if you resign so, resign now.
you have wasted our patience, and it’s all over. it’s too difficult to accept you anymore. so, as soon as possible, resign!

maybe filipinos were wrong for voting an evil president. well, nobody’s perfect. i think the only solution is a resignation for gloria. gloria, you should resign now.

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