6 Replies to “Gloria’s Prayer”

  1. Almighty God please hear our prayers…first of all I admit I’m a sinner. I accept your only Son Jesus to be my sole saviour. Lord, I come to you with bended knees to hear our prayers. Please help my country Philippines and its people at this time of “crisis” for not allowing injudicious leaders be in triumph. Please make our leaders and lawmakers to be prudent with their decisions always. Lord no one is above you because You are God and our creator. Lord we want a peaceful solution on this crisis and we know that only your interference can give us peace and answer on all of these burdens. Thank you Lord.

  2. Oh! is she reaally praying? If she’s praying for the country, good for us but if not, good for herself not to impeach.

  3. she prays for on how to get away with her doings…. her shamefull attitude behind her powerfull position lies the lies…… fake president… fake platforms but her laundering forms….. god save us….

  4. hmm. how do you think lacson sleeps at night after all those murders, the swindling and the false accusations against his neighbor? how comfortable do you think the opposition, the leftists, the militants, cory and the rest of the traitors are, sleeping on the same bed? how do you think traitors and hypocrites pray?

  5. It’s not about Lacson, Cory, the leftists, and those whom you call “traitors.”

    It’s about Gloria.

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