Google-Powered Piercing Pens Webmail For You

In place of a free Gmail invitation, we would like to offer you a free Piercing Pens e-mail account powered by Google. Your e-mail address will be something like username @, but you will still be able to enjoy Gmail features like POP, forwarding, and chat.

Take advantage of Google’s innovative webmail technology, and enjoy the convenience of accessing your mail from virtually anywhere.

If you want to be one of only 1,000 Piercing Pens visitors who will receive this offer, kindly post a comment indicating your desired username. We will create your account and send you a temporary password.

15 Replies to “Google-Powered Piercing Pens Webmail For You”

  1. i want to also say that my username should be salman or tajamul

  2. Engr. Adewale and Tajamul, your accounts have been created, and the instructions have been sent to your old e-mail addresses. Congratulations!

  3. plz register me as i am in desperate need of an google based email . My username should be tajamul .

  4. Hi! Do you still have gmail accounts? Can I have one? Thanks a lot!

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