New Supreme Court Justice

President Arroyo yesterday appointed Court of Appeals Presiding Justice Ruben Reyes as newest Supreme Court associate justice. I was pleased to hear this news as it I think it is just fair that the CA presiding justice should be promoted to the High Court before anyone else. I was about to say maybe the President… Continue reading New Supreme Court Justice


“President Arroyo’s policy since day one of her administration has been to push the peace process. And peace process means making peace with those fighting the government,” quoted Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita as saying. He should try telling that to the relatives of the more than 800 extrajudicial killing victims, who are mostly critics… Continue reading Peace?

Devanadera on SC’s Batasan 5 Decision

Radio DZBB and reported that the administration will appeal the Supreme Court’s decision that dismissed the rebellion case against the Reps. Satur Ocampo, Teddy Casio, Joel Virador, Liza Maza, and Crispin Beltran–the activist lawmakers collectively known as the Batasan 6. The reports quoted Solicitor General Agnes Devanadera –a former Government Corporate Counsel–as saying that… Continue reading Devanadera on SC’s Batasan 5 Decision

The Invitation

President Arroyo “has invited former Vice President Teofisto Guingona to spearhead development programs attuned to the 10-point agenda, ” according to Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye. But the Manila Bulletin, quoting “Malacanang insiders” reported that the invitation “may run in conflict with her earlier designation of Vice President Noli de Castro as alternate chairman of the… Continue reading The Invitation

Tax Terror

Three nights ago, my flatmates were discussing how difficult times are getting. One was complaining that while she was living independently and earning her own keep, she would sometimes borrow money from her mother just to survive. I myself experience living from one pay check to the next. A lot of times, when I feel… Continue reading Tax Terror


Before dawn today, while most of us were still in dreamland, the Philippine Congress formally proclaimed Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the president-elect and Noli de Castro as the vice-president-elect. After being proclaimed, Arroyo called for unity: “This is the time for forgiveness and letting-go-of-the-past,” she said. But how could she call on the people to forgive… Continue reading Proclaimed