Impeach Gloria? Why not?

Impeach Gloria? Why not?

In a speech before the Philippine Constitution Association on Constitution Day, February 8 at the Manila Polo Club in Forbes Park, Makati City, Senator Aquilino Pimentel charged Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo with culpable violation of the Constitution and betrayal of public trust and suggested that Philconsa consider “filing necessary impeachment papers against the President.”

His charges were:

1. Illegal use of the trust funds raised through the road users tax and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) for her own purposes during the last presidential election.

2. The President’s illegal authorization of the payment of $68 million or P3.762 billion for the purchase of six search and rescue vessels for the use of the Coast Guard without congressional authority.

3. The President’s willful and blatant abuse of her appointing power.

Linda Montayre’s group a few years ago initiated an impeachment complaint against Arroyo in connection with her “plenty” of sex remark. The complaint failed miserably.

But just recently, former Senate President Jovito Salonga said that Arroyo could be impeached for obstruction of justice in the cases of ousted president Joseph Estrada, who was allowed by Sandiganbayan to go to Hong Kong for a knee surgery that could be done in the Philippines.

Ilocos Norte Rep. Imee Marcos also said Arroyo could be impeached for allowing an American spy network to operate in the Philippines. “”We do not want to start a political crisis that would set back the economy for years but if GMA surrendered our sovereignty by welcoming foreign espionage into the country, she will face impeachment,” she was quoted as saying in a People’s Journal report.

Impeach Gloria? Why not? Conrado De Quiros made that call even before the 2004 elections. I agreed with him. He still says Arroyo is “impeachable”. I think he’s correct.

Impeach Gloria? Why not?

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  1. Impeachement proceedings is a great back burner but it is to traumatic and costly in terms of economic bad effect. I still prefer waiting for the next election year.

  2. ever since estrada’s impeachment, the word has been abused. it seems every government post is impeachable now.

    anyway, call me apathetic, but i got really tired of following news on the philippine government. the only words i seem to hear in connection with the topic are: impeach, corruption, squabble, abuse, unconstitutional… wait, i seem to hear a lot of words, but they all have one offect – they frustrate me.

    will the finger-pointing ever stop so it can give way to actual work?

  3. The President of the Philippines has abused her power. She can be impeachable due to betrayal of public trust.

    She is a born liar.

  4. Today We Experienced the blindfolding of truth and justice…..

    It is obviously done House Speaker De Venecia is A Hypocrite in Human Form….

    and others as well…..

    Money Changes Everything as well as huge favors from the FAKE PRESIDENT…

    May God Break the Chains of Silent Truth and Conscience Flow in each and everyone of them… God Bless the Philippines… My God Were are the patriots of justice…..

    The Few Are the Bravest

  5. My only comment is One person can’t change the whole nation it should all start to us to change…..

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