In Good Company

Popular People Power 2 figure Sergio Apostol–a member of the prosecution panel in the failed impeachment trial against ousted President Joseph Estrada known for his “Madam Wetness” line–is now Gloria Arroyo’s Presidential Chief Legal Counsel. He reportedly threatened to file a counter-suit seeking to disbar lawyer Evalyn Ursua for “ignorance of the law.”

Ursua and other lawyers of Subic rape case victim Nicole is questioning the Arroyo administration’s decision to surrender custody of convicted rapist Daniel Smith to the United States.

Ursua is unfazed by Apostol’s threat.

“It’s his right. I won’t dignify his statements. He should also charge former Senators Jovito Salonga and Wigberto Tañada. I’ll be in good company,” quoted her as saying.

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