INQ7’s Rowena Guanzon wrote:

We have heard all sorts of jokes, and true to the nature of Filipinos, Erap won votes with his Erap jokes. But the “revelation” of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago that she heard from a “chattering relative” of Senate President Franklin Drilon that Cory Aquino and Drilon are involved in a plot to hatch a coup d’état or to “physically remove” Gloria Arroyo by Oct. 15, is not funny. Cory Aquino plotting to murder someone? Ridiculous. Preposterous. Incredible. (E-mail me if you know of other fitting words).

My choice of adjective is “insane.”

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miriamesque …


‘low life form syndrome’

take mike into the picture and will give a “defensonaire”

My choices of adjectives are BELIEVABLE, CREDIBLE, CONVINCING, POSSIBLE, RELIABLE, TRUE REVELATION. Bakit di kayo makapaniwala na kaya ng sikmura ni Dating pangulong Cory Aquino at Drilon na mag-utos na ipapatay si Pangulong Gloria. Hindi kayo naniniwala na kayang mag-utos na ipapatay ni Cory si Gloria dahil nakikita nyo sya na palaging nagdadasal “DAW” siya sa simbahan. At naniwala naman kayo agad na iyang si Cory ay tutuong madasalin, may malaking takot “DAW” sa Diyos. Meron ngang pastor at pari na nanggahasa. Meron ngang anak na pumatay ng sariling ina o ama o mga kapatid dahil lang sa maliit na dahilan, yan pa kayang si Cory na kung magtatagumpay siya na ipapatay si Gloria ay mananatili sa mga kamay nilang mga-hayok-sa-pera-na-mga-intsik ang inaangkin nilang lilu-libong ektaryang lupain? At yan pa kayang si Drilon na kung maipapatay nya si Gloria ay mailuklok sya pagka pangalawang pangulo o di kaya bilang pangulo na bilyones ang mabubulsa nya? Hay nako tumingin naman kayo sa mga paligid ninyo and try to examine scholarly.

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