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Manila — Swathed in nothing but red hot chili peppers next to the tagline “Spice Up Your Life—Go Vegetarian!” Filipino supermodel Isabel Roces appears in a brand-new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia-Pacific touting the many benefits of a meatless diet. Isabel wants people to know that going vegetarian is the best way to stay trim, fight animal abuse, and avoid life-threatening illnesses. The ad was shot in Thailand by ace photographer Amat Nimitpark.

“Being healthy and kind is always in style,” says Isabel. “So whether you want to slim down and get healthy or just clear your conscience, there’s no better way than to go vegetarian!”

Going vegetarian has never been easier. There is a growing variety of wonderful foods to choose from at local markets and health-food stores like Healthy Options. Upscale stores such as Rustan’s offer a wide variety of vegan treats, including Luna bars, Amy’s chilies, and instant soups from Fantastic Foods. At local supermarkets, you can buy ready-to-eat laing, chilies in coconut milk, and frozen vegetarian dumplings. If you miss the taste of meat, there is a huge assortment of vegetarian options made to resemble everything from chicken drumsticks and roast duck to “beanuguan” and tilapia. And with ethnic and vegetarian restaurants springing up everywhere, meat-free dining is easier and more delicious than ever.

Consumption of meat and other animal products has been conclusively linked to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Cardiovascular diseases, vascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes are among the leading causes of death in the Philippines. About 3 million Filipinos are diabetic, and approximately half of these cases go undiagnosed. Another 3 million Filipinos are at serious risk of developing diabetes. Hypertension affects about 8.6 million Filipinos, but only 13.6 percent know that they have it. According to the Department of Health, this causes “chronic uncontrolled states and progressive organ damage leading to death.” The Philippine Cancer Society urges Filipinos to increase their intake of these wholesome foods, and the World Health Organization has declared that inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables is among the top 10 selected risk factors for global mortality.

Eating animal products also leads to the spread of deadly diseases like avian influenza, or “bird flu,” and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), the human form of “mad cow disease.” Mad cow disease has been discovered in countries that export beef to the Philippines, including the U.S. and Canada.

The animals suffer, too. Isabel—who has graced the pages of fashion magazines across Asia, including Preview, Cosmopolitan, FHM, T3 and Australia-based Well Being and appeared in ads for Watson’s and C2—has been an ethical vegetarian since childhood. This beauty knows that there is nothing “fashionable” about animal abuse.

“Modern factory-style agriculture commonly keeps cows, calves, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and other animals in overcrowded stalls and cages, where they are unable even to turn around for their entire lives,” says Isabel.

Chickens are typically raised in cruel factory farms. Many have their sensitive beaks cut off with a hot blade when they are only a day old and spend the rest of their brief lives in filthy, extremely crowded sheds where they are drugged and bred to grow so fast that many become crippled under their own weight. Cows and pigs endure dehorning, castration, and other painful mutilations—all without any painkillers. At slaughterhouses, animals are hung upside-down, and their throats are slit, often while they are still conscious.

In many slaughterhouses in the Philippines, cows and carabao are not rendered insensible to pain before they are killed. Instead, a worker severs the animals’ spinal cords with a special knife called a puntilla, preventing them from struggling or running away. Maimed animals lie on the floor—still conscious—for 10 minutes or more before their throats are finally slit. Before killing each cow, the worker cuts off a large piece of skin to make it easier to collect the animal’s blood. Workers in these facilities are not trained to make a clean cut or to minimize animals’ pain. As a result, most cows and carabao slowly bleed to death on the slaughterhouse floor while their killers collect their blood in a can or bucket.

Isabel also refuses to eat fish, saying, “Fish cannot always express their suffering in ways that humans can easily recognize, but marine scientists confirm that fish feel pain, as all animals do.” After surveying scientific literature about fish pain and intelligence, a team of researchers at the University of Guelph in Canada recently concluded that fish feel pain and that “the welfare of fish requires consideration.”

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I think a balanced diet is still one of the keys to a healthy life–not whether you’re in extremes as vegan or a hardcore carnivore.

“Balanced diet” is a misnomer. Any diet that includes meat (or for that matter preservatives, trans-fats, sugar, salt, or any kind of processed or cooked food) is putting stress on the body that shows up sooner or later in the form of diseases.

This is all scientifically proven, weather you look at our digestive systems, nutritional needs, our teeth, how we react to foods, how much sleep we need, etc. If you want to live an enjoyable, energetic, illness-free life, then consume as much raw vegan foods as you can in your diet.

I find it kind of absurd to promote vegetarianism when almost 90% of people in the Philippines are living below poverty and have nothing to eat at all. Can you honestly tell people scrounging in garbages or streets to seriously just be “fashionable” and eat healthy by picking 3rd world leafy diet foods for the price of a 1st world diet from Healthy Options or Rustan’s?

I respect PETA’s voice for animals but sometimes it can be ridiculous. Animals were made for a certain purpose…and that is for food. It’s been that way since the dawn of time. Although, I do advocate for a more humane way of putting animals to rest I don’ think I can give up meat because of sentimental reasons. And the stand that veggie diet is healthier? I think a well-balanced one is too. As a recent article stated, this debate can go on endlessly.

“A well-balanced diet of either kind is good for you. With any diet, it is important to incorporate a wide range of foods to ensure a good nutrient intake. An omnivorous diet that has a limited red meat content and includes plenty of fruit and vegetables DOESN’T APPEAR to be any less healthy than a vegetarian diet. A recent study showed that people who ate raw/salad vegetables three to four times a week had up to a 50% lower incidence of heart disease and cancer than non-salad eaters, regardless of how much meat they ate.”

Enough said.

according to blogerista ‘animals were made for a certain purpose… and that is for food’. i think that is the most ridiculous statement that i always hear from meat eaters, there’s always an excuse isn’t it? it’s funny how ‘supposedly decent and compassionate animal lovers’ are the same people who wouldn’t think twice about what they are eating. and real vegans/vegetarians don’t choose to do so because it’s ‘fashionable’ or ‘in’. we do it for moral reasons, for the environment . and as far as for health reasons, that was the last thing i had in mind when i decided to go vegan. i understand the the fact 90% of the population are hardcore carnivores, let’s make that 99%, the point is to spark a positive change in how people look at animals, remember these animals feel pain too. they have maternal instincts, they eat, sleep, play, feel hungry just like us humans. just imagine yourself or your loved ones being the next ones to have their throats cut. i’m not preaching and i never will but being compassionate and open minded isn’t a bad idea. try to imagine the amount of pain that chicken, cow, pig, fish has gone through everytime you take a bite. ‘nothing dies out of necessity, nothing dies content with dying’.

being vegetarian ia a really good idea for those who wants to go slim…

Modern man is characterized by complex language and thought, capabilities which have resulted from an expanded vocabulary made necessary by innovative tools used for hunting and processing the remains of large mammals.

Humanity is still strongly coupled to its meat-eating past and this cannot be undone with a picture of a naked woman covered in chilis. Using sexual imagery to convey an issue as complex as this is just as primitive as the early humans who hunted in order to survive the extremely cold temperatures of early Europe. And they successfully did so for over 1 million years.

Eating animal fats may be unhealthy in the long term but this is what permitted us to evolve into what we are now. Let’s not hate ourselves for what we have become. You cannot undo evolution by becoming vegetarian and your ability to think, reason and concentrate will eventually be impeded if you decide to take this dietary path.

I know all this because I have studied vegetarians over the course of 25 years. Sorry to burst your little bubble, people.

Evolutionary theory dictates that people are meat eaters, but what God intended for us at the Garden of Eden is a meatless diet, and that’s what should be restored. Our diet may have recedingly evolved but it’s never too late to upgrade ourselves (must we become maneaters if we continually evolve?).

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