Erap’s ‘Readiness’

Banco de Oro, which bought Equitable PCI Bank this year, has already forwarded to the Sandiganbayan P215 million from the Erap Muslim Youth Foundation. The court earlier ordered the forfeiture of the foundation’s funds, which were sourced from ousted President Joseph Estrada’s jueteng collections. Interviewed on television about the forfeiture of his assets, Estrada said… Continue reading Erap’s ‘Readiness’

Batasan Bombing

Weird thought on the explosion at the House of Representatives tonight: is this meant to divert the people’s attention from the administration congressmen’s bastardization of the impeachment process? Could it be that the powerful will use this as an excuse to repress the people some more? quoted Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros as saying: “We… Continue reading Batasan Bombing

Alioden Dalaig, 63

When I heard the news about the killing of Atty. Alioden D. Dalaig of the Commission on Elections last Saturday, my first reaction was revulsion at how killers in the Philippines continue to be so brazen. More than 800 activists and journalists have been killed since the start of the Arroyo administration in 2001. The… Continue reading Alioden Dalaig, 63

Bring Them to Arroyo

An Inquirer report today said the Bureau of Corrections is forwarding to the Board of Pardons and Parole cases of around 200 prisoners aged 70 years and above for review. What review is the BuCor talking about? I say bring the elder prisoners’ documents to the Palace and have President Arroyo sign their release papers.… Continue reading Bring Them to Arroyo

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Time Magazine on Arroyo–and probably its print version, too–has again featured alleged Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. A November 1 article entitled “Crisis — Again — for the Philippines’ Arroyo” by Peter Ritter discusses the various issues Arroyo faces these days. The Glorietta bombing, the bribery in Malacañang, the bishops’ call for her resignation, the ZTE broadband deal, and… Continue reading Time Magazine on Arroyo

Trillanes, Paglingkurin! Movement Launched

Ellen Tordesillas’ blog reposted a report on the launch of “Trillanes, Paglingkurin!” movement, which included former Vice President Guingona and former UP President Francisco Nemenzo. The group will do a nationwide campaign to exert pressure on the Arroyo government “to allow detained senator Antonio Trillanes IV to perform his duties as a lawmaker.” Trillanes, Paglingkurin!… Continue reading Trillanes, Paglingkurin! Movement Launched

Stupid and Ironic

A university in Manila has imposed an “English-only policy” supposedly to improve its students’ proficiency in English. Speaking in languages other than English is allowed only at certain areas within the campus. The constituents of the university–the name of which is in Filipino–may also speak in any languange around midday. The Inquirer quoted the university’s… Continue reading Stupid and Ironic

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