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Ang Kapatiran Website Changes Server

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Ang Kapatiran or Alliance for Common Good, a lesser-known political party that promotes “politics of virtue” and “politics of duty”, appears to be popular in cyberspace. Its website was not functioning properly when I visited it yesterday. Today, it reports that it has “experienced a surge in members wanting to register, and have run into problems with our new website.”

“We were overwhelmed by the groundswell of support for our party and our candidates even here in cyberspace,” the party’s webteam said, explaining that they are moving to a new server.

Its index page links to an older version of the website.

Ang Kapatiran needs to translate this online popularity into votes in real life for it to send to the Senate its candidates led by Zosimo Paredes, who resigned from the VFA Commission after criticizing the Malacañang-backed “rescue” of convicted rapist Daniel Smith.

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It’s not hard to create a buck. It’s really a lot tougher to make a difference.
We don’t have a monopoly. We’ve got business. There’s a difference.

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