Laymen or Clergy?

Archbishop Oscar Cruz, though an entry on his blog, has asked Pope Benedict XVI not to accept President Arroyo’s invitation to visit the Philippines.

His Excellency wrote that “a papal visit to the country might be neither wise nor prudent these times.”

“The country is anything but safe and crime free. The visit will give the government officials the salivating occasion to make money for themselves. Furthermore, a papal visit would dignify a national leadership that is suffering from dire lack of moral ascendancy not to mention its big socio-political liabilities,” Archbishop Cruz continued.

A TV Patrol World report said the Palace reacted to the archbishop’s blog entry by saying it should be the Catholic laymen who must have a say on whether the Pope should visit the country. Nice try–of course the members of the Catholic Church would be really excited to see the Supreme Pontiff.

But then, shouldn’t local Church leaders like Cruz be in a better position to assess the current situation with regard to this issue?

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  1. Did “His Excellency” Oscar Cruz forget that Jesus himself has often associated himself with “tax collectors” and other sinners? If the Philippines is indeed as dark as he sees it, doesn’t that mean that the Filipinos needs the comfort and inspiration a Papal visit can bring?

    Is he really in a position to deprive the millions of Catholic Filipinos the presence of the Pontiff?

    just asking…

  2. Thanks for the visit and comment, Barney. 🙂

    I guess the archbishop’s appeal is more of asking His Holiness not to dignify what critics call an illegitimate and morally bankrupt administration than depriving the Catholics of the pope’s presence.

  3. On one hand, what i think that is most important is his safety. On the other, Pope had just been to Turkey and that happened after the Regensburg address- nothing happened.

    There are different opinions on this matter and it is very hard to discern what would be good for all. I say, let us just pray for what the Lord wills for the Philippines. And Im also quite certain that the Pope, with the graces of the Holy Spirit, will be able to discern what God wills for him as well.

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