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Below is a Technorati Where’s the Fire? (WTF) on Malu Fernandez. Technorati defines WTFs as “short blurbs that explain the buzz around people, things, or events—why the hot topics are so hot—and you can vote the best ones to the top.”

Society columnist Malu Fernandez of the Philippines, in her now-controversial People Asia article “From Boracay to Greece,” insulted overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) that she encountered in a plane trip to Greece.

Fernandez wrote that she “wanted to slash [her] wrist at the thought of being trapped in a plane with all of them,” referring to the OFWs at a duty-free shop in Dubai, UAE. She also wrote that the OFWs were noisy and that her “Jo Malone [perfume] evaporated into thin air” while they smelled of cheap perfume brands.

Because of this article, anti-Malu Fernandez sentiments filled the Philippine blogosphere in the recent weeks. Some Filipino bloggers called for her resignation from People Asia and the Manila Standard, where she also used to write a lifestyle column. Other bloggers called for a boycott of these publications, while a group of Filipino journalists in Dubai demanded an apology.

Though she initially dismissed her critics in a follow-up article, Fernandez eventually issued an apologetic statement and gave in to demands for her resignation from these publications.

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  1. A picture of her return to Manila Standard is now circulating in the blogsphere. It however is yet to be verified.

    My take is that the editors of both publications are equally guilty. This would have been a non-issue had they done their job, to edit.

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