No More Threat of a Chief Justice Miriam

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago lost her bid to become the first woman chief justice, INQ7 reports.

The report said the Judicial and Bar Council voted against extending the nomination period. This prevented Miriam, who was nominated by a group called Young Lawyer’s Association of the Philippines, from being among Gloria “Hello Garci” Arroyo’s choices for Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr.’s replacement.

A brief backgrounder about Miriam. (View her complete bio-data here):

In the early 1990s, many young Filipinos–including this writer–were fooled into believing that Miriam, an intelligent and feisty judge and University of the Philippines alumni known for her unique accent, was the leader that this country had been been dreaming of.

She has been saying Fidel Ramos cheated her in the 1995 elections. She challenged Joseph Estrada in the 1998 elections, but eventually became his loyal supporter.

Miriam once said she would jump off a plane if Joseph Estrada was arrested, and when the police finally fetched her former patron, she just laughed and said “I lied! Bwahahahaha!”

When her son killed himself, Miriam promised to leave politics for good, but come election time, she again targeted a seat in the Senate. (No wonder she and Garci’s phone pal are now best of friends. Birds of the same feather f–ck together, di ba? )

This chief justice-wannabe also hates “lower life forms” such as politicians.

Recently, she claimed she had overheard a relative of Senate President Drilon saying he and former President Aquino are plotting to assassinate Garci’s phone pal–and Miriam was really serious about it!.

I’m a so relieved that she won’t make it to the High Court. I hope she will never do.

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  1. you shut up! wag mo siraan si miriam dahil kahit ikaw wala sa kalingkingan ng galing, tapang at talino nya! insecure ka lang dahil si miriam popular at nasa pwesto eh ikaw sino ka ba? kung ako sayo manahimik ka nalang at ikaw ang tumalon sa eroplano. hindi ka maka relate kay senator miriam dahil hindi ka abogado!

  2. we are for senator miriam defensor! mabuhay ka senator miriam! mahal ka namen! wag ka paapekto sa mga inggit na naninira sayo! miriam ang fighter ng senado!

  3. “ANG TAONG HINDI NAGBABAGO NG ISIP AY HINDI NAG-IISIP.”–yan ang itatak mo sa utak mo kung sino ka man na nagsulat laban kay Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

    Hoy! kung sino ka man na nagsulat laban sa Senadora, You should be chopped into a thousand pieces and fed to the sharks in Manila Bay. But it is problematic whether the sharks will eat you, out of a sense of professional courtesy! Eto ang advice ko sa iyo na nagsulat laban kay Senator Miriam, dahil napansin ko wala ka ng magawang mabuti sa mundong ito, SLASH YOUR WRISTS OR BETTER YET STICK YOUR FINGER TO THE WALL SOCKET!!!

    Miriam is the sure winner for PRESIDENT sa darating na 2010 Pesidential Elections. MARK MY WORDS!

  4. don’t you dare tell uch things!! di ka na nahiya… nobody’s is perfect… ikaw kaya mamatayan ng anak sa tingin mo ba di mo masasabi yung ganung bagay??! you dont know how to be like her… kung ikaw kaya pumalit sa posisyon niya, could you take the risk??! i think not!
    by the way you go senator miriam…. your one of a fighter and i said yes to all of your sayings…..

  5. Birds of the same feather… are the same birds. Hehe.

    Welcome to Piercing Pens, Miriam’s Defenders and Sentinels.

  6. I think some of the people misunderstood Sen. Miriam, the way she talk and the way she pronounce words. But hey, Sen. Miriam is the correct one. She is definitely correct when it comes to stress and pronouncing of words! Siguro e bobo lang talaga yung ibang nagcocoment kaya hindi nila alam na tama pala si Senator Miriam. Magbasa kayo ng Dictionary mga mapanira kay Sen. Miriam para malaman nyong tama sya! Palibhas di kayo marunong ng IPA! Bwisit

  7. I didn’t realize that Ms Santiago still had rabid fans. Myself, I think she’s too high-strung & impolitic to be an effective CJ. Of course, she could just as easily go back to her fiercely brilliant mode, but who’d be willing to make that bet? The crux of the MDS problem– this inconsistent unpredictable lady is her own worst enemy.

  8. H! hello po!! isa po akong tagahanga ni senator miriam defensor. siya napakagaling at higit sa napakatalino!!!kaya sa mga taong nagsasabi na “buang”(crazy) si miriam! you better go to hell and fuck the devil!!!!inggit lang kayo kasi wala kayo sa pwesto at hindi kayo matalino!!!!matuto sana kayong makontento kung ano ang mayroon kayo!!!

  9. they cannot posibly dominate miriam as they hav unsucessfully dominate her eversince.. we love u miriam!

  10. Go on Miriam, you are one of a kind.. Don’t be destructed by those evil around..

    How I wish I had your brain too..

    God bless always..

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