On Driving

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When I was still an Internet newbie, I had a pen pal–or e-mail pal–in San Diego California. She is a daughter of Filipinos who migrated to the States. We met through a fan website. In one of our e-mail conversations, the topic of driving came up. I was surprised to learn that she was already driving. Here’s a part of the e-mail I sent her:

you [were] talking, err writing about driving? me, i don’t drive and i don’t have a car. is it easy? i mean, aren’t you afraid to cruise down the highway with all the other vehicles in front and behind you? i think its terrible. my uncle has a passenger jeepney in our province and he wants me to learn how to drive. i want to give it a try although i’m kind of unsure of my self when it comes to driving. as i’ve told you, it’s so difficult for mr to keep myself balanced on a bike. what more if it’ a car or jeep?

But that’s almost 10 years ago. Now, I want to learn how to drive–if my deteriorating vision would allow it. Who knows, maybe Oriah and I could visit my California-based penpal and we would check out some San Diego used cars there.

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