“The DOLE is mandated to promote gainful employment opportunities, develop human resources, protect workers and promote their welfare, and maintain industrial peace.”

Those words are written on the front page of the Department of labor and Employment website.

Then, we hear on the news that the labor secretary will ask the President to veto the wage hike bill.


3 Replies to “P125”

  1. Not that I’m against the wage hike or anything like that (I feel I haven’t examined the issue enough to be for or against it), but one possible drawback is the effect on overall employment. Raising wages above a certain level could, by the laws of supply and demand, actually reduce the demand for labor, thereby reducing the number of jobs overall. As an effect, some people could lose jobs but those that retain their work would be paid slightly more.

    Now if this is actually what the DOLE had in mind in rebuking the wage hike bill, that’s another question.

  2. Isn’t protecting job security looking after the welfare of the Pinoy employee as well?

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