Pacquiao for President

Just the other day, we passed by this considerably sized poster of boxing champ Manny Pacquiao near EDSA. It was one of those trapos put up, supposedly to honor someone but is actually propaganda for their own gain. Anyway, Julian and I got to talk about how a boxing match can take the people’s minds off politics and the looming fear of additional taxes. But more than that, I thought, this big hoopla over Pacquiao only affirms this unshakably scary truth about our society. This Messiahnic complex we have.

We’ve been looking for person/s we could look up to and who would change our rotten lives. We’ve been looking for the one for too long that it’s gotten tired already. Because in the rational scheme of things, the one does not exist.

Maybe it’s just me but I’m not waiting for Pacquiao to run for president.

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  1. we are all just so lucky that the ‘pac-man’ (the old lcd-thing game? nope) is not a demonic influence. that’s one. another is, almost everyone in this country (even me) would do anything for money, and the biggest industry is porn, not food. the filipino people has suffered too much already…
    but then he does have talent.

    but do i call this sympathy? no. well, not exactly what you think.

    – seraphinne_rasputina

  2. Morales-Pacquiao Rematch:

    I have to give credit to Morales for defeating Pacquiao in their 2005 fight. Morales is an experienced boxer with no knock-out punch. He can only win through points.

    One way Pacquiao can win in the rematch is to act like Barrera…. a counter puncher. Instead of going after Morales, Pacquiao should be a little bit unpredictable and eccentric. Pacquiao can defeat Morales in this rematch with a knock-out.

    from ken chan

  3. I’ll keep you in my prayers! I hope that you’re able to reach your goal and get off all, or at least some, of your meds by next December. That IS a lot of meds. I tugohht I took a lot for my allergies and asthma, but dang! Good luck!

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