PETA to Rescue Abandoned Animals in Lebanon

(PETA News Release)
July 26, 2006

Manila–People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Director Jason Baker will leave the Philippine capital on Wednesday for Amman, en route to Beirut, where he will lay the groundwork for an international rescue team to evacuate animals left stranded, hungry, and terrified after two weeks of Israeli strikes in Lebanon.

PETA offices around the world have been flooded with calls on behalf of desperate evacuees in the battle-scarred region who are being forced by their government officials to desert their dogs, cats, and other animal companions–often all they have left in their lives–when evacuating. Even elderly residents have chosen to suffer amid the rubble for days in order to safeguard animals who they consider to be members of their families.

Just last year, Baker–a Detroit native–also rushed to New Orleans to save animals abandoned in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, literally smashing down doors to reach dogs, cats, and other animals. PETA’s rescue teams were able to evacuate more than 300 animals and reunite many of them with their families.

In 2001, Baker led other animal rights activists in a New York City rescue effort in the aftermath of 9/11.

Baker commended the Russian government for making provisions for animal evacuations. “Many of these animals are small, like kittens who can easily be carried in someone’s arms. I urge the governments of all countries evacuating their people from Lebanon–especially powerhouses like the U.S., the U.K, and Canada–to take Russia’s lead. Let’s work to bring all to safety–animals as well as humans.”

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  1. Now that’s what you call getting their priorities right.

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