Politics Lang?

Blogger L E T T E, in an entry referring to Juetengate 2 and the wiretapped conversations scandal, cites my post “Funny Time Cover” and says “it’s a wonder how we as a nation are taking it all in with a smile (still).”

I say we Filipinos are a happy people. In tough times like this, many of us–the jolly ones–could only laugh. The more serious ones pray. But note that the jokes, even the prayers, could sometimes be a form of dissent.

L E T T E further says:

I for one am getting tired of the same old schtick. We did this in Erap’s time, we did this every other damn president we elected. Every time we get an offical elected, there will always be scandal and opposition, which leads me to wonder why the HELL do we still elect these bad politicians anyway.

I guess we all are. Political analysts say the tape controversy did not trigger another People Power probably because the Filipinos are tired of it.

But why do artists, amid this political crisis, create such images as the fake Time cover? Why do writers keep on writing about these scandals? Why do the activists flood the streets? Because we people feel betrayed!

Look at what Gloria, the main beneficiary of People Power 2, did after she was enthroned. Remember her lies and failed promises. Recall how she used government resources to fuel her campaign last year. See how people close to her enjoy the benefits of being close to the Queen at the expense of the people. And what are we supposed to do? Keep our mouths shut, throw away our pens, read the Manila Bulletin and watch Channel 4, and pretend that all is well with this nation?

I don’t think so.

As for scandals, these just die away if there isn’t even a drop of truth in it. Opposition, on the other hand, is an element of a democratic system.

I believe that Arroyo would not be rocked by scandals after scandals if only she and her family did what’s expected of an honorable First Family.

LETTE also wonders “why the HELL do we still elect these bad politicians anyway.”

This statement seems untrue in the case of Gloria. The widespread percepcion is that the people elected another candidate, but Arroyo won in the counting.

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  1. One significant contributor to our dismal political processes is unlimited ability of our elected officials having their fingers dipping into cookie jars. You take away this attraction and two things are bound to happen namely; people will finally come to their senses service in government means serving people who pays their salaries. The other probably more realistic than the former is, no one will be interested in joining government if there no chance of making money from foul means. Democracy is good and it used to be so back in the 50’s. Why it is so different today after EDSA I is truly mind boggling. The minute officials are comfortably sitted in their plush offices, all they think about is how much they will be raking in and where it could be had. If only we can eliminate this ugly problem by lining these crooks against a wall and let it loose to the last bullet, our country will be better of. I say it is time the wallet is held in some kind of escrow funds where government officials will not be allowed access. In other words, if we are dealing with foreign contractors, they are paid directly from this escrow fund. It will be great because contractors will be paid only upon determination of a job well done and ensuring no shortcuts made of any kind. It will be the day when we wake up seeing no millionaires around us parading as mayors, governors etc. What do you think?

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