If you’re a Palm user who’s still sore about George Bush’s reelection, here’s something you could vent your frustration on: PortaBush!

It’s a tamagotchi-type program for Palm devices that lets you “control” the world’s most powerful–and most notorious–man.

A not-so-new hilarious software, I first learned about it at the m-ph editors’ blog.

Here’s a description of PortaBush from Handango.com:

PortaBush is the palm-sized version of Dubya that lets anyone experience the joys and headaches of being President. Pass or veto bills, pig out on Texas BBQ, blow-up any number of people or places, flirt with an intern, and when all the stress gets to you, drink yourself silly! But keep an eye on your stats, because if you don’t keep the weight off and the popularity high, impeachment could be right around the corner!

The trial version is free with 25% of its features active. Registering it for $4.99–or cracking it, if you know how–would activate all functions.

If only PortaBush could die like the Mopy Fish.

Here’s another Bush game: President Bush Pretzel Shell Game. Feel free to add your favorite.

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