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Press Statement
February 24, 2006

Protect Media Freedom

We demand that the Arroyo government allow journalists and media organizations the fullest freedom to air and print news and information about the current political crisis, and that it desist from undertaking repressive action against journalists and media organizations covering the crisis.

We also urge our media colleagues all over the country not to be cowed by threats, open or veiled, seeking to scare us from boldly performing our jobs as we must.

When unrest and confusion reigns, as is happening at the moment, it becomes ever more vital for the people and members of the media to jealously protect the freedom of the press and expression. Such is a lesson learned bitterly under the past brutal dictatorship, whose downfall, ironically, Filipinos commemorate today.

Source: NUJP Website

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I believe the Philippine media is one of the most free in the world, perhaps a little dangerous to one’s life sometimes, especially in remote areas but free to say anything nontheless, even the most irresponsible things. Now with all that freedom and confusion still reigns as is stated above, maybe collectively, they are not doing your jobs too well?

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