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Pulse Asia’s April 2007 Party-List Survey

Some Findings from Pulse Asia’s April 2007 Nationwide Survey on Filipinos’ Party-List Preferences

  • Around one out of every two Filipino registered voters (53%) has heard or read something about the party-list system at one time or another.
  • If the May 2007 elections were held today, ten of the 93 party-list groups vying for congressional seats would have a statistical chance of sending at least one of their nominees (out of a maximum of three) to the House of Representatives.
  • Three representatives:
    – Bayan Muna with an overall voter preference of 13.7%
    – Anak Pawis (9.4%).
    – Gabriela Women’s Party (6.0%)
  • Two representatives:
    – Akbayan! Citizens’ Action Party (5.3%)
    – Angat Ating Kabuhayan Pilipinas, Inc. (4.2%)
  • One representative:
    – Buhay Hayaang Yumabong (3.4%)
    – Advocacy for Teacher Empowerment Through Action,
    Cooperation, and Harmony Towards Educational Reforms, Inc. (2.7%)
    – Filipinos for Peace, Justice, and Progress Movement (2.7%)
    – Citizens’ Battle Against Corruption (2.4%)
    – Ahon Pinoy (2.0%)

Note that left-leaning and anti-Arroyo groups Bayan Muna, Anak Pawis, Gabriela, and Akbayan topped the survey. Bayan Muna is led by Satur Ocampo, who was arrested and mishandled by the police last March over multiple murder charges. On April 3, the Supreme Court ordered his release.

Here are the percentage shares of other groups with similar orientation:

Kabataan – 0.9%
Suara Bangsamoro – 0.8%
Sanlakas – 0.6%
Partido ng Manggagawa – 0.3%

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Hi! I’m from Germany and I’m fascinated to hear about the Philippines. It seems like the elections in May will be very thrilling and the building of a new government a very complicated thing to accomplish. Good luck!

i think your surveys are in accurate, BATAS party list is now getting favorable votes from all over the country

i agree with the previous comment…BATAS party list should be in the top spots of the survey

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