Smith Transferred To US Embassy

Convicted rapist Daniel Smith, a member of the US Marines, was transferred from Makati City Jail to the US Embassy in Manila tonight , TV and online news reports say.

Interviewed by GMA-7’s Saksi, US Embassy spokesman Matthew Lussenhop could not explain how the transfer took place, and he just repeatedly said that it was a move by the Philippine government to comply with the Visiting Forces Agreement.

Atty. Evalyn Ursua, rape victim Nicole’s lawyer, said the transfer could not have been authorized by a Philippine court. She vowed to file charges against government officials who authorized such “criminal act.”

We could only surmise that the move was made possible through the efforts of the Palace. Looks like the executive is not content with having most of the members of the legislative’s lower chamber in its pocket; it now wants to snatch the judiciary’s powers, too.

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