So What?

I am fat.

No, seriously, people from work think I am. It is not enough that I’m super-gooey nice to them or that I’m smart, funny and can get along well with just about anybody. I simply don’t fit into that Barbie girl archetype. Not that I want to be Barbie. She’s too blond and dull for my type. Plus her wardrobe’s not that great.

Since time immemorial, I think I have always been self conscious about my weight. In a society flogged down by skinny girls in skimpy clothing, Thin is in. Anything less than that or should I say more than that is just not right. Whatever.

What I don’t get is that in the polite world, people don’t say “Hey, you’re looking uglier each day” or “You’re looking shabbier than the last time I saw you…” But how many times have I been told that I’m getting fatter or that my butt’s getting in the way? I get this all the time. From people who love me and from those I barely know. I wouldn’t mind though if my mother tells me I’m fat but when I get it from someone who barely knows me and who looks like an old goat, that’s a totally different thing. I’m actually getting better in my don’t-look-pretend-you’re-busy technique in this situation.

I’ve tried different diets before–the after six diet, low-carb high protein diet, cabbage soup diet, just not eating diet. It worked for a while until I got tired and decided, what the heck, I’ll eat what I want. The thing is that people have different lifestyles and body types. Apparently, the illiterates, as my beau would describe, just don’t get it.

One shirt says it all: I’m fat. So what? You’re ugly and I can always go on a diet.

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By Oriah Satria

There is nothing spurious about myself. I just try to write what's in my head. I do not apologize for being rash or frank or downright devious. There is simply too much chaos in this world to remain hushed.


  1. Amen to that! Who cares what other people say? It’s a lot better to accept things and be comfortable in our own skins. And you’re right, there’ll always be diet plans we can run to.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

    I hear you. I wrote something similar months back. Some people are insensitive. And some are just d***heads.

  3. Hehe. Someone told me I was being mataray when I answered “Ikaw ba nagpapakain sa akin?” 🙂 Aimee’s right. Some people are just plain insensitive and stupid to boot.

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