Tarongoy Freed

Our kababayan Robert Tarongoy is now free. He was abducted by armed men in Iraq November last year.

The President herself announced this good news earlier today. She was very happy, and as we’ve learned later on, was really telling the truth.

The joke circulating at the office was that probably Arroyo did everything–including paying ransom from jueteng money–to secure Tarongoy’s freedom and divert people’s attention from the Gloriagate scandal.

Tsk tsk. It’s a little funny, but still a bad and corny joke. We should all be happy for Robert and his family, especially because the news of his release came on their third anniversary.

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  1. I have not even heard this in the news. The media and the public is too focused on the tapes, jueteng and Cardinal Sin’s death. Other people have forgotten who Tarongoy is.

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