Three years ago, the world’s most powerful nation suffered from the 9/11 terrorist attack that killed thousands of its people. The United States government retaliated by attacking Afghanistan, believed to be the base of Osama bin Laden, main suspect in the World Trade Center Attack.

Later, it claimed that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was in cahoots with bin Laden’s al Qaeda. Thus, with a little help from its friends in the so-called “coalition of the willing”–to which Philippine President Arroyo enthusiastically dragged her nation–US invaded Iraq and killed around 12,000 Iraqi civilians and a thousand of its own soldiers.

What preceded these is a century of US aggression–I’m beginning the count here with the US invasion of the Philippines in mind) all over the world. When it was attacked in September 2001, it then went on a rampage of attacks against its perceived enemies, instead of reviewing its policy in dealing with other nations.

Three years after the terror in New York, is the US and the world safer as a result of its reaction to that attack?

Recent news in the Asia Pacific region say otherwise.

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  1. three-year anniversary. afghanistan is still in shambles. iraq is rapidly going down that direction. and all for halliburton’s profits and oil? what a shame indeed.

  2. Hi people! I’m a new member here and I like this forum, I think its a good and a reasonable forum with ejucated people.now let put a term for the word(Terorrism):terrorism is the use of power agains civilians to achive a political goal.this defenotion was constructed by america and great britain in the 1960,s.that means that every action and again every action and everybody body besides his relegion who act such a thing is considered to be a terrorist.now,lets be realistic,no one accepted what happened in 11-9-2001,nor the other actions that happened after it.but to say that terrorism is a muslim property thats absolotley not true.if a muslim did such a thing that doesnt mean that islam is a terrorism relegion.what really i think that when israel killed over 1000 civilians and usa killed in iraq over 1 million civilian,and we all know the 14 years old girl that was raped in a barbarious way and killed with her family,and we all saw what happened in abu greb prison of sicological and physical tourtchment to prisonrs to get information from them.those actions r terrorism…a proffisional terrorism by a state who declares every day that it want to carry democracy to the middle east!!!! by this way????? so before we talk about terrorism lets talk what r the reasons of this terrorism.iam not defending terrorism and their actions no I whould do that but lets be realistic,arent those actions of the usa is the main reason for the so called islamic terrorism???? when holy quran is being dropped in bath and islam is being hemeiliated and prophet mohammad too,do we expect them to just hug us and say hello democracy!!!?? now is that democracy?? thats terrorism.the solution is that Usa and israel should stop lyuing and terrorisming the world.USA always says that iran has a nuclear bomb,and that is a disaster if iran used it,but we all know that the only country and the first country that used nuclear weapons-against civilians- and i repeat:against civilians is USA.i think that USA should disarm it self from nuclear weapons to make the world safer and want to make a nuclear weapon when that happen coz the reason that the countries r racing to build a n uclear weapon is that they r fearing usa ones.thx a lot,my friends 🙂

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