Text Rumors: Gloria to Declare Martial Law

There are circulating text rumors that President Arroyo will declare martial law. I received this forwarded text message twice this morning:

GMA will declare martial law on or before June 21. Larry Mendoza and Berroya to command SOT’s. 500 bushmaster automatic weapons for berroya’s hit squads have arrived. If the plan is exposed baka matakot si GMA. Ikalat na. The plan includes closing mass media and all cell phone. There is some resistance in the AFP. For sure, key personalities will be arrested.

Rumors are just that–rumors. This could be a scheme to divert people’s attention away from Gloriagate. Or this could be a way to scare people from going to the streets. Maybe it’s a warning to those who have Hello Garci on their cellphones. Probably it’s just another Gloria joke.

I think Mrs. Arroyo is intelligent enough to resort to martial law to save her crumbling strong republic. But if she denies this, let us prepare and be vigilant. She may not be as vocal as Miriam Santiago (the one who proudly admitted: “I lied! Bwahahaha!”) but we know her history.

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This is, as you said, another rumor. The president cannot declare Martial Law unless there is “invasion” or “rebellion” and there is none.

You have to remember what former President Marcos’ reasons for declaring Martial Law — rebellion and sedition. It does not have to be true,
of course. A declaration of Martial Law will surely plunged the Philippine Republic in a much deeper crisis. . . . and its always the poor people that will suffer the most . . . not the Tag-lish speaking ‘plastics’.

some people are very gullible. even with way the text message was phrased, one would know right away that this is just a stupid joke. How could the authorities confiscate all our cell phones? wake up guys and smell the coffee, or whatever solvent you are sniffing.

This is just another hoax message to divert people’s support and trust in the government.

If they cannot trust the government, then they should just leave this country.

“It is not what the country can do for you. It is what you can do for your country” just like the quote says…

I think they are making rumors to make the story shaky, because if you will just observe the government is already afaird..

the filipino people are not idiots as they’ve always thought of. mass media may not always say the truth… but this, the “Gloria County” have to know, the filipino people always know the truth behind each and every lies that comes from their shameless mouth…

Correct me if I am wrong but Marcos declared martial law based on the constitution that was marked as “can be exploited”. The current constituion we follow is the 1987 and laws were made to allow for deliberation and justification of declaring a martial law.

I just have a difficult but tested suggestion… Why not we try again the Sign and Text Brigade on every colleges and universities, just like the one used agianst the Former President Estrada… We all know that the VOICES of the YOUTH, like my-self, will be much HEARD rather than the few. I hope that this concern will be a great help. Any time my friends and I from different schools are ready for the call of the other youth. thank you

hoy glory… i just heard you’ve launch your single this time.. baba kana kc wla na kmi nakikitang mabuti pang magagawa mo.. kc puro scandal nalng eh… cguro boung angkan ninyo prone sa mga ganyan.. c mike meron, c mikey, c iggy at ngayon ikaw… galing nyo..

for me mrs gloria arroyo is the one who trade her countrymen because he said the truth that she traade us pinagpalit sa kanyang pwesto kaya dinaya

martial law? hindi siguro, wag tayong masyadong magpadala sa mga ganitong klaseng mga text messages… lalo lang nagiging magulo ang sitwasyon. tulungan na lang natin ang bansa natin… huwag na tayong sumama sa mga rallies na yan na tiyak naman na iilang mga tao lang ang makikinabang… mga kaibigan sandwich lang at juice ang libre dun pero pagkatapos nun wala na naman ang atensyon ng mga yan sa mga mamamayan… maghanap na lang tayo ng sarili nating paraan kung paano pauunlarin ang buhay natin, tutal tayo din naman ang may responsibilidad sa sariling buhay natin.

Firstly, I dont believe for the so-called hearsay involving the first family to the illegal numbers scandal because we have a saying “walang usok kung walang sunog” Secondly, after Gloria asked apology from public admitting her guilt, she has no reasons whatsoever to stay in power, because saying “sorry” its not just like that, that we can forget everything she did wrong, she has to vacate her place that she will be forgiven and face consequencies. I dont know exactly whats going on there in the Philippines since im here in Europe and im giving my comments based on what i heard from the tape converstation which i downloaded from the internet and i believed she really cheated and asked favour from the guy she talked with (if you know how to read between the lines)

If you will be declaring martial law it depends on the leader how he or she will use it either on the good side or bad side. Martial law defines me that making or having this law means to retain peace and order. Marcos have used this kind of law in the wrong way bec. when he said that Enrile was been ambushed although he’s not. Marcos has set this story only just to use martial law for his own purposes, like to have a long term at office and to have longer power for his order.

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