Text Terrorism

Recently, I’ve been receiving this message from well-meaning friends who don’t want me to be in danger:

Msg Rcvd FR KATRINA Ponce Enrile- frm a friend n d military. Avoid rockwell n oakwood makati areas n isetann carriedo. Military intelligence confirms threats of bombing activities in d coming days! grenade throwng incdnt at solcom hq last nyt cud b part of a bigger scenario. dis coms frm a General frend, he says probabilities r high. Pls pass.

Ponce Enrile denied she was the source of the message, according to a report by the Manila Times.

“I would like to inform everybody that I am not the author of the text or e-mail messages warning people to avoid specifically-identified areas on account of bomb threats purportedly received and confirmed by the military sour­ces,” she was quoted as saying.

I did not pass the message to my other friends, though. Sure, I do pass text messages–especially jokes and inspirational quotes. But when it comes to text rumors like this one, I refuse to be part of those who create fear on our kababayan’s minds.

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