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I recently came across a US-based website that promises to help Americans to have their own house for free. Of course, they need to have their own land, but the house would come for free.

The project is called The Benefactor Project ( It also asks 1000 rich people in the world, including George Bush, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Ann Rice, Paul McCartney, Tom Cruise, George Lindemann Jr., and the Google people, among others, “to LEND, at no interest, one million dollars each to The Benefactor Project to enable us to provide houses and jobs to those without them and others struggling with poverty across the country.”

Its developer, Tom Canavan, explains how they do it:

“I found in my previous work that there are thousands of great houses all around America people demolish to put something else there, a parking lot, another bigger house. I buy them for $1.00 from the original owner. He saves the demolition costs and I set up crews to take the house apart, into panel sections, lay them on a flat trailer and pull them with a pick up truck to anywhere in the country anyone needs a house. Rebuild and restore them. That’s it.

“We make profits in our work by selling some of the houses on the open market so that we can save more houses and create more jobs, but with this you are free to see where every penny goes and what it does. The others will go to the people partnering with us, free. I don’t like begging for money so I have designed this to be self sustaining.”

I don’t know if Canavan is as sincere as the Gawad Kalinga founders, but his is a very interesting project.

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