The Irony of It

A day after returning from vacation, news of a woman raped by six US servicemen in Subic tipped the desk.

There is nothing more infuriating than a woman being raped and then tagged as a prostitute by bestial beings; like that American who made a scene in front of the US embassy.

I’ve grown up in a place where prostitution is a way of life, where kids who graduate from sixth grade continue their life’s course to selling their own flesh.

The red light district of Angeles City is owned, controlled and operated by Australians, Koreans and Americans who prostitute our women in our own country.

During the US bases, much was said about prostitution and now under the Visiting Forces Agreement, with the Balikatan military exercises around, nothing much has changed.

There’s too much tragedy and irony in this country. Too much that it makes me puke.

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By Oriah Satria

There is nothing spurious about myself. I just try to write what's in my head. I do not apologize for being rash or frank or downright devious. There is simply too much chaos in this world to remain hushed.


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