Hello Garci Episode 2

The man also known as “Hello Garci” will surface and link opposition politicians to the issue of election fraud, an iGMA report said.

Yes, he was caught on record talking with other politicians. But the main character in the “Hello Garci,” other than Garci himself, is the woman talking to him. Shouldn’t that woman who wanted to “lead by more than 1 M” votes be the bida in his story?

But then again, what could we expect? He’s supposed to defend his “Ma’am.” How he will do it is worth waiting for.

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  1. I guess I don’t understand why MRS. Garcillano can’t be arrested and charged for harboring a fugitive from Justice with an arrest warrant issued by the Congress.

  2. Rizalist,

    Garcillano’s lawyer recently filed a petition to nullify said arrest warrant since he claims his client never received any subpoena to attend the hearings in Congress.

    I don’t think Mrs. Garcillano can be charged for harboring her own husband in any case, under our present laws.

    On topic: before Garcillano is questioned, the opposition should first produce Sammy Ong and the so-called “mother of all tapes”. Let’s have a look at the truth in its entirety, shall we?

  3. Apparently, if the PNP is to be believed, the warrant of arrest issued by congress has already expired, so they will not implement it in case Garci surfaces. Although, this could also be bait & switch…

  4. There’s now talk of granting Garcillano immunity in return for “telling the truth”. Why so? Anong nangyari sa “roomful of evidence” na pinangangalandakan ng oposisyon? Kung talagang malakas ang ebidensya nila kay Gloria hindi na nila kakailanganin si Garci. Palibhasa they’re too lazy to do anything that involves some real work without the media exposure.

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