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Those Shampoo Beauties

A group of sexy starlets stripped in a pictorial held in front of a Catholic Church in Manila. This attracted the attention of an excited crowd. The police arrived to arrest them. The city council later declared them “persona non grata.” Reports say charges of grave scandal were filed in court against them.

The controversial shampoo beauties–Ivory Ibanez, Jeanette Joaquin, Kat de Santos, Kuhdet Honasan, Mikaela Monteverde, Palmolive Palma, Pantene Palomino, Rejoice Rivera–are now invoking freedom of expression.

We keep on crying for freedom, but we often forget that such freedoms come with responsibility. Let me ask you, dear readers, do you think these girls–or their handlers and managers–acted responsibly when they staged that infamous pictorial?

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Define “responsibility”. Is the definition based, in turn, on a perception of “decency” and “indecency”? Whose standards do we apply?

they say they didn’t strip naked at all…they claim to be wearing a skintone bra…haha

i don’t even think the handlers of these women were thinking ‘decency’ and the basis of their stint is not all guided by acting responsibly. the point was publicity and you know how it is –bad publicity is still good publicity. it depends on whose point of view we are talking about. if in terms of their ( the starlets )objective to get famous to guarantee future income, they might actually think that they acted with responsibility dahil pinangatawanan nila ang ginawa nila. as for myself, i have the freedom to turn off the tv set or skip the news concerning them when i read the papers. now that is acting responsibly for me.

Sassy: Responsibility, as in sensitivity to the existing moral and legal standards in the territory where they chose to do that pictorial. When one is in public, it is polite to abide by the generally expected and accepted stardard, except when the act contrary to the prevailing stardards is justified. Double standard ba pag ganun?

Funky_Momma: Yes, the photos published in the papers show the girls in that bra and a transparent raincoat.

mayamaya: You’re right in saying that the motivation for their act was mainly publicity. And if I may add, the more popular they get, the greater chance their product would sell. And now, they’re invoking freedom of expression even as it is getting clearer that they’re after profit all along.

those shampoo beauties kept on telling on tv that they were doing it for the sake of art. but really i don’t see anything “artsy” about it :/

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